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  1. Santana Technical Discussions
    Can anyone know if I can remove this roof, I haven’t seen the car in person an I’m looking to purchase and the owner cannot help with the question. It’s a Land Rover Santana 2. 5 DL 1989. ?? Thanks
  2. Wanted
    Winter's coming! Looking for a pickup cab (single) for an '89 110. Prefer white, prefer used to match the "patina" of my truck. Don't care if it's a little rough as long as it's not too beat up and any missing parts are still available. I'm in SC. Willing to travel within a day's drive to pick...
  3. For Sale - Vehicles
    The time has come to sell @TheOneHundredTen (here's a link to see more pics). Another project has come up that I would like to use the funds for, so I thought to offer it to this group first to see if anyone wants a good deal on a great truck. After importing from UK in 2017, restored to...
  4. For Sale - Parts
    I am receiving my first shipment end of August.we have been working on these parts last 6 months.we have doors, bulkheads ,roofs ,fenders and more...these are all handmade and aluminum parts (except bulkhead) .if you are interested don't hesitate to contact me.
  5. For Sale - Parts
    110 Roof, 3-Door Van Sides, Doors, SD Roll Cage Package One of our 110 builds ended up being a soft top so these parts are now surplus. 110 roof with sunroof and alpine windows, freshly painted in Fuji White 110 headliner with sun visors, will need to be re-upholstered...
  6. For Sale - Parts
    My personal tent, removed from my now sold 1994 D1. In very good condition, with some wear here and there. Includes new memory foam mattress, annex room, ladder extension. $1250 for complete package (dog not included). Adam
  7. For Sale - Parts
    CVT Mt Thielson XL manually operated 2-man roof top tent. 2 years old and in great condition (in other words, used less often than anticipated)! Olive Green color with 3" memory foam mattress. Includes hardware bag/ladder/tent cover. Lightweight @ 120lbs (lighter than "clamshell" style rooftop)...
  8. Wanted
    Looking for one, anyone have one available?
  9. For Sale - Parts
    Roof is in good shape, has a couple small dents that are so minor you can barely make them out in pictures. The forward section of the headliner has been modified on the outer sides where it sets in the top above the front doors. $500 for everything. Located in Phoenix. I have a good...
  10. Defender Technical Discussions
    Looking for a little help identifying the roof platform on the 90 in this ad. Looks like a standard SD ladder and crossbar setup. Pretty sure I could fit in my garage with this setup. I know basket removal bars would help me achieve the same goal but looks like I could put a RTT on the...
  11. Wanted
    Hi all, i'm looking for an early style ribbed roof to replace the roof on my "new to me" 90. I have a Station Wagon but the current roof has a large hole cut in it :) (i'm in the Seattle area)
  12. Defender Technical Discussions
    I had the water leaking on the driver’s side onto my lap. It was leaking along the inside roof gutter, the channel inside the truck. I looked everywhere for the leak. I finally found it. I put a hose on the roof and let it run down the roof towards the back with the truck tilted down at the...
  13. Wanted
    Looking for a set of Land rover nylon waterproof seat covers to fit 94 disco 1manual seats with plastic handle where head rest is, new, used, just in good shape. Thanks in advance for any leads.
  14. For Sale - Parts
    $500 SD G4 style 110 roof rack with 4 hellas All hardware, mounts, light covers etc. Rear work light not included Has some surface rust and bumps and bruises Local pickup. Located just outside Harrisburg PA at Red Door off Road
  15. For Sale - Parts
    I imported this kit but have decided not to convert a second vehicle for now. It is almost exactly the same as the one on our green Dormobile 110. Kit contains Roof cap with two precut openings Two opening windows Carpet lined Breathable sand colored canopy - not the plastic that has a...
  16. For Sale - Parts
    Hello All, Available for purchase is a Garvin Roof Rack for Range Rover Classic in Black. This is a full length roof rack. We purchased a 1995 RRC for restoration and it came with this roof rack that we will not use. Lucky buyer will get it at discount. Just removed this week, all hardware...
  17. The Flea Market
    I'll be there. If you'd like to swap your D2 rack for my D1 rack we can do it there.
  18. For Sale - Parts
    Looking to sell my spare D90 Tops roof. This is not the complete top and only the top piece with a headliner as seen below. The roof has never been installed and is 99.99% like new (been sitting in my garage for far too long). These things are a huge upgrade over the stock fiberglass...
1-18 of 500 Results