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  1. For Sale - Parts
    I have A-Hoop (exterior round windscreen), side pieces and interior bulkhead replacement parts. All are original and off my 1994 NAS PoE. I have them because I installed a SW roll cage onto the truck (interior and exterior) for safety and aesthetiics. No reasonable offer refused. My wife...
  2. For Sale - Parts
    included mounting hardware. $1800
  3. Wanted
    Anyone out there make their own seat belt bars or have any used ones? I feel like the price for these are so high compared to what they are, so I wanted to see if there were any alternative options out there.
  4. Wanted
    I am looking for a seat belt bar to put on my 1992 Defender 90 when I have the top off in the summer time. Shipping from UK is a bear and is driving up the cost crazy, so I wanted to see if anyone had one in the states. Would want someone willing to ship (I will pay of course), I live in Mt...
  5. For Sale - Parts
    Defender 90 NAS Roll Bar pads 7 pads included All in very good shape Used on Defender 90 NAS 1997
  6. Wanted
    Iam looking for a good quality Front Sway bar for my 110. the front diff has no mounting so I will need to weld on tabs, However I have checked out Extreme 4x4 Limited UK and their 25.4 mm kit is quite complete, no welding, $400 US is OK for all the cack but $220 to ship from the UK..ouch. Any...
  7. Defender Technical Discussions
    I am trying to find those clam shell mounts that came with the original Safety Devices roof rack that mounted to the roll bars over the door on an NAS D90. I need 4. I tried the usual suspects and couldn't find one, nor could I find a part number from safety devices. Any ideas?
  8. Defender Technical Discussions
    Did they come stock ???
  9. Defender Technical Discussions
    All, I have a 97 NAS D90 (only a month or so) and it has an internal roll bar fitted. A simple up and over behind the front seats, nicely installed with foam padding. Was this std on these vehicles?
  10. For Sale - Parts
    Selling NAS padded Roll Bar I believe it came of a 1997 Defender I do not recall for sure as I have had it in storage for the past 16 or so years, windshield wraparound bar was scratched in an accident (shown in picture) this piece will need to be re-powder coated if you are planning on using...
  11. For Sale - Parts
    Faux roll bar defender 90 $89 or BO Pick up
  12. Wanted
    I want to mount a Yaesu ATA 120a on my truck for the trip to see Briggs ... has anyone got a mount link or suggested way to do this?
  13. For Sale - Parts
    These look used and/or have cat hair on them. All four are $40 + the ride.
  14. Wanted
    Looking for roll bar for my 3 door 110. Missed the roll cage SD group buy :facepalm: (ideally want the full cage but the roll bar will do) Have seen a few of these available, hoping someone might have one they'd like to part with, used or new. Think similar or same installed on ex-mods. SD...
  15. Wanted
    Does anyone have the following parts and/or know of how much I should budget for these? Lower Windshield Bar ALR5540 Windshield Bar ALR5539 Front Side Rails (x2) ALR5541 Center Bar ALR7821 with padding
  16. Wanted
    Hi. I want to upgrade the look of my 1995 NAS D90 with some nicer bolts than are on the car now and that hold the roll bar, the hood and the doors in place. Does anyone offer such a kit? Stainless or titanium would be good for corrosion resistance. Please contact me. [email protected]
  17. For Sale - Parts
    $350 plus shipping (located in NJ). less than 1000 miles on the system. we even added line-x for added rust protection. Production Land Rovers compromise by fitting a weak anti-roll bar which improves the handling a bit and doesn`t limit the off road capability too much. The standard bars only...
  18. Wanted
    Picked up a mod 110 3 door. Looking for any mod/Tith roll bar/cage bits. Thanks
  19. For Sale - Parts
    Dads Rockware winch bumper set up for a warn. Has two light tabs. $800 delivered to MAR. This bar was ordered painted not powder coated, for ease of touch up. Roll bar, this is a hoop behind the front seats with removable back stays. Bolts to top of cappings $250 delivered to MAR...
  20. Wanted
    Hey folks, i've got an' 83 110 and I'm planning to take the hard top off at some point. I'd like a roll bar or seat belt bar so I can keep the 3-point seatbelt in the front seats (and perhaps delude myself into thinking that this single roll bar would in some way protect me :) ). It would look...
1-20 of 123 Results