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  1. The Flea Market
    For my dear Geeks that might be into DV Ham Radios I have couple of set ups for sale 1 - Raspberry Pi3 B model with NOOBS software , built in wiFi , a 144mhz ( 2 meter ) DVAP, ready to go, you can mount any software you choose for your HotSpot The DVAP has been used, the Pi is brand new $...
  2. Defender Technical Discussions
    Ive searched and it seems like there is no basic tutorial of what wires and their colors are on the stock wiring loom and how to splice it into a basic aftermarket radio Wires: Purpose: OEM Color to Adapter color to Modern Aftermarket to radio Ground...
  3. Defender Technical Discussions
    So, this may sound weird. When ever it is about to rain and the air is humid my FM/AM functionality goes to ****. I mean it crackles and the volume sucks. Overtime it typically comes back strong after it warms up or sort of dries out. Bright sunny hot summer days no problem. BTW, the...
  4. Defender Technical Discussions
    Have original in RRC but would really like Bluetooth and xm. Anyone have any luck replacing with newer RR models. Like to keep somewhat true to form and definitely not after the new multi colored disco ball lighted ones.
  5. For Sale - Parts
    FOR SALE – Good condition Exmoor/Britpart(?) non-radio cubby box This was in my ROW 130 (127) when I imported it, upholstered in gray vinyl and “Techno” chequerplate pattern cloth. I swapped it out for a metal Tuffy one. It comes with the stock foam rubber cup and random crap/spare fuse...
  6. Wanted
    Looking for an original nas radio unit for a friend who is taking a 90 back to stock. Sent from my SM-G925V using Tapatalk
  7. Wanted
    Looking for the connection from the Amp to the (Clarion) radio, also need the connectors to the back of the radio (power/speakers) I think the part number is RTC 7797 Thanks!!
  8. For Sale - Parts
    It is used and I'm told it works, no code. If it does not work i'll refund your money. $70 shipped
  9. Smaller Projects
    Anybody have any experience with a SW radio antenna that they could share? I found a Pioneer DEH-X2750UI that I am installing in my 200 TDI 110 and I am looking for a good low electronic noise antenna to install with it. The current one is a 12 inch rubber ducky type.... Thanks, Steve
  10. Wanted
    Looking to buy a radio dash mount for a Defender 110. Not sure if it matters but it is a Left Hand Drive.
  11. Smaller Projects
    Hi everyone. I tried searching but could not find the answer or the product. I am buying a 1991 ROW D110 200TDI. It does not currently have a stereo. I'm going to install a simple 2 or 4 speaker system and plan to put 2 speakers under the dash and possibly 2 more on either side of the rear...
  12. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hey all, I put a new battery in my 97 90, and since my radio has not been working. I have disconnected the battery half a dozen times, I have left the key in the first position for many hours trying to get the code light to even come on. Any other suggestions on how to reset this damn...
  13. Wanted
    Hey all, Looking to add another Sankey trailer to the collection. Currently own a wide track MKII, but really need the BDR (Battle Damage Repair) or tool transport version (pics attached). It would be a miracle to find a later year MKIII model of the BDR (disc brakes/ NATO tow eye embedded in...
  14. Defender Technical Discussions
    Just got a 1988 Defender 110. The radio is dead! Any recommendations on replacement? I have had one person recommend Alpine CDE143BT? Also I need to insulate and replace carpet need advice on material :icon_peace:and carpet kit . THANKS Any other advice or comments. Thanks DP
21-34 of 264 Results