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  1. For Sale - Parts
    Soft Top Pads in perfect condition $150 plus the ride
  2. Defender Technical Discussions
    I need to bite the bullet and put new brake pads and rotors on my 95 RRC. I've read a lot about OEM, Akebono, Texstar. Was wondering if anyone could tell me what they've been happy with in terms of pads/rotors and if one mfr. or type (e.g., ceramic) is really a better choice. I realize some...
  3. For Sale - Parts
    Soft Top Pads Overall good condition - just dirty. Few issues: One pad has a foam tear on the inside - superficial One pad has a netting tear on the inside - superficial One pad velcro is slightly undone again superficial $150 shipped
  4. For Sale - Parts
    Defender 90 NAS Roll Bar pads 7 pads included All in very good shape Used on Defender 90 NAS 1997
  5. For Sale - Parts
    Set of pads that wrap around the side parts of the cage on a soft top NAS 90. OEM, no tags on them, excellent condition, obviously rarely used. No idea what they're worth. How about $150 shipped in US. Paypal F&F preferred. Thanks!
  6. For Sale - Parts
    Selling brand new in box slotted front brake rotors and ceramic pads, both sides left and right. These fit 2006-2009 Range Rover Sport (4.4L) and 2005-2009 LR3 (4.4L). So basically, I went to buy upgraded brakes for my 110 and ordered too fast! I paid $150 shipped and would like to get $100 for...
  7. Defender Technical Discussions
    I am installing a plastic tank on a new frame, and received the tank and all hardware from RN. Included were 4 insulation pads MXC5714. About 2" in diameter and 3/4"thick. I see them on the parts diagram, but have no idea where they go. I have another chassis that has a factory plastic tank and...
  8. For Sale - Parts
    As seen here: Raptor 4x4 Off Road Land Rover Defender Pedal Pads Kit Ultra rare and really exotic! :cool: $25 shipped.
  9. For Sale - Parts
    2 dash top crash pads Beat up pad: $75 shipped, $50 pick up Pretty pad: $125 shipped, $100 pick up
  10. Vendor Deals
    Full set of NAS 90 SW Rubber Pads. Great condition. $200.00 Plus Shipping Please give us a call if interested as we are rather busy. 407.517.4983
  11. For Sale - Parts
    These look used and/or have cat hair on them. All four are $40 + the ride.
  12. Defender Technical Discussions
    Anyone got recommendations for a D90(manual trans) pedal pad replacements other than the standard rubber set? I seem to wear through those in a couple of months. I was thinking something along these lines, but I want to find a set that someone has already installed and can vouch for as far...
  13. For Sale - Parts
    All prices include shipping to the lower 48 D90 OME 761 (OME2761) and 764 (OME2764) springs, under 100 miles: $275 shipped 3 packs of new Quick Fists, will not separate: Were $55 new, $40 here. D90 front brake pads, under 100 miles, OEM: $50 D90/110 taillight guards, used (only on truck for...
  14. For Sale - Parts
    I bought these a while ago to convert my DI but never installed them and the truck is gone now. Left & Right D110 front calipers and Ferodo brake pads. Part numbers are RTC5572, RTC5573 and SFP000260F. Asking $180 for everything. I can deliver these to Uwharrie Safari.
  15. Vendor Deals
    More NAS 110 items. Complete set of roll cage pads (used) plus one new one $200.00 Rear Door Card with plastic tool holder $250.00 Tool Kit (mostly complete) $50.00 case broken
  16. Wanted
    Looking for the two rubber pads that cover the slots in the front valance where the factory brush bar goes. I like this look better and want to remove my brush bar
  17. Wanted
    For a 97 NAS D90 SW, I'm looking for the panel that the grill attaches to-this car currently has a NAS 110 panel fitted that will be available to trade or sell- Genuine roll bar padding, and spare tire carrier that takes the weight off the door. Whatcha got? Trevor
  18. For Sale - Parts
    Figured someone might want a sweet deal. Sold my d90 but I still hunt for parts out of habit. eBay auction ending in 30 min Item: 111662296106
  19. For Sale - Parts
    Found a couple roll bar pads lurking on the back of a shelf. These are 18" in length. Good condition, the foam has not deteriorated. How about $30 shipped- continental US.
1-19 of 100 Results