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  1. Wanted
    Looking for an original PUMA Bonnet. new or used in perfect condition. stuart text me at 201 819 8514
  2. Wanted
    WTB a 94 original front bumper with the two light panels. Any condition.
  3. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hi! I looking for the android car stereo and want to remove the factory radio and install the new Seicane android car stereo in my defender. How do it? Is it difficult to install this?
  4. Defender Technical Discussions
    D90 Freestyle Wheels Original Code?? "Silver Sparkle" or "Bright Silver"?? I need to re-paint one of my "Freestyle" wheels and would like it to match the rest. I have read on these forums conflicting information about the OEM paint color/code of the Freestyle wheels on the NAS trucks. I have...
  5. For Sale - Parts
    Bestop Surrey Top in very good condition there is a slight tear at the seam that can be stitched up. $275 plus the ride
  6. For Sale - Parts
    For sale is an original Bestop surrey top in very good overall condition. All straps and snaps are intact. The front rail piece does have a small tear on each side as shown in the pictures. I have no idea what this thing is worth, so let's say $300 shipped to the lower 48. Sent from my SM-G935V...
  7. Series Technical Discussions
    Is there such a thing as an original Owners list. I bought my Series III form the dealer in Denver in late 73 or early 74. Some where in my mind I think I remember seeing a list of original owners. Could be just a function of an ageing mind.
  8. For Sale - Parts
    Nice hot-dipped galvanized NAS fuel tank cradle. M8 nuts for anti-sway bar brackets tapped and I applied a coat of Aervoe brite galvanize coating to make it prettier. $250
  9. For Sale - Parts
    Removed from 1988 110 with documented mileage that's getting an upgraded drivetrain. The gear oil was nice and clear with no water. The chassis mount is NOT included despite being pictured. Hi/low shifter housing not included. 20D prefix $700 plus the ride. Can send UPS, FedEx, or Fastenal.
  10. For Sale - Parts
    these are from my 94ST. Decent shape I guess, usual cracks where they screw on, and a pic to show how I addressed it when I used them. Took these off a couple years ago, I prefer the no door card look. Does $125 shipped sound fair?
  11. Defender Technical Discussions
    I am trying to find those clam shell mounts that came with the original Safety Devices roof rack that mounted to the roll bars over the door on an NAS D90. I need 4. I tried the usual suspects and couldn't find one, nor could I find a part number from safety devices. Any ideas?
  12. The Flea Market
    For Sale: 1994 Range Rover Classic LWB 97000 miles no rust all original except radio and spring conversion Just opened for bidding ... Have it boys and girls, what a beautiful rig this one is.
  13. For Sale - Vehicles
    The Original Rock Ware NAS D90 For anyone who has been a D90 guy for a while knows Rock Ware and this D90. I am posting it to feel out the interest and would rather sell it as a reasonable price then making it pretty and hiking up the price. This is a one “family” owned D90. Matt was the...
  14. For Sale - Vehicles
    We currently have 15 Left Hand Drive Minerva Jeeps in stock (1952-54) These are based on the Series1 80 inch Land Rover but under half the price. All are fairly light restoration projects and from $7,500 USD plus shipping at cost which we can arrange Over 20 Land Rovers exported to The US...
  15. Defender Technical Discussions
    I'll admit up front that this request isn't for a Defender... it's for my brother's Wrangler. I convinced him to get one of the last of the JKUs - with half-doors. With 39 miles on the odometer, it had 2"+ of standing water in the footwells. So, I pulled out the carpeting and the rubber plugs...
  16. Defender Technical Discussions
    My tie rod ends are toast. Thinking about replacing w RN Heavy Duty Steering Rod Set. A set of original tie rod ends are around $180 and the RN set is around $200...about same as terrafirma set. Can anyone attest to the quality/performance of either of these sets vs the original?
  17. For Sale - Vehicles
    It’s hard for me to post this ad, as in the last 27 years, I don’t think I’ve owned a Land Rover that I enjoy as much as this 110 HiCap... But the realities of life (specifically, college expenses for my two children) necessitate me to list it for sale. This is a legitimate, time-capsule 1991...
1-17 of 225 Results