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  1. For Sale - Parts
    Cubby $125 plus shipping Series grill/covers have been galvi dipped. $100 plus shipping Rad panel good shape. No dings $75 plus shipping
  2. Defender Technical Discussions
    I have about 40,000 miles on the rebuilt 200 Tdi in my D90. A few days ago I noticed that it was overheating intermittently. The needle would go up almost to the red, then it would drop to normal. As luck would have it, I was on the way to Tractor Supply to get antifreeze to winterize my...
  3. Defender Technical Discussions
    Well, Finally tore my speedometer apart today, which has been stuck at 100k miles for about a year now. The good news is that I was able to get the odometer rolling again pretty easily once I figured out what I was doing. Not hard to do really, once you get the casing apart. Bad news: In...
  4. Defender Technical Discussions
    Well, I went to inspect my 93 RR LWB today and was just a little aprehensive as the idle has been erratic for a long while. I say long while since this is the third vehicle inline for use. It's always passed with flying collors but today it didn't at first. I kept getting a failure of idle...
1-4 of 4 Results