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    I have a 200tdi in need of a rebuild. Symptoms were excessive smoke, high crankcase pressure. Compression test was a little low on cylinder #1, close to 400psi for #2 and #3, but only about 300psi for cylinder #4. Figured it might be headgasket blown at #4 to pushrod tube. Pulled the head and...
  2. Wanted
    I just purchased an '03 Disco 2 with a 4.6. The PO rebuilt the entire top end of the motor and replaced a whole bunch of other parts (radiator, etc.) chasing an overheating problem only to find out that the block was bad. I am either looking for a block (D1 is preferable as I understand) or an...
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    Hi All, I'm considering a galvy frame swap for my D90 and can't go the traditional shop route ($$$). Can anyone recommend someone with good pricing in the New England area? I would also consider hiring an enthusiast who is, obviously, capable. Time is not an issue as I have other vehicles...
  4. Wanted
    Anyone have anything laying around? I'm really aiming for a Rockware (sans brush guard) and will likely purchase one very soon, but I figured it would be worth poking around to see what people have laying around. Planning on going with a superwinch (Rock 98), so extra points for that!
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    Hi Guys, I'm hoping to find a near-by artisan to check out the cylinder head on my 300 Tdi. No issues at all with the head. I'm just sending sttuff out to be checked out as part of a considerable restoration now underway. Is there anyone that is familiar with working with anyone that is very...
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    Looking to replace the rear crossmember, it's not bad at all, but its also not perfect. Any recommendations? Thanks!
1-6 of 6 Results