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  1. Wanted
    Im looking for an original tool kit for a NAS 110 - the one that straps to the rear door. Please PM me with an offer.
  2. Wanted
    Looking for a full set of nas110 seat covers. Ideally want Badger but willing to consider others. Figured Id check if anyone had a set before ordering from Chris.
  3. For Sale - Vehicles
    Recently finished , 2 year nut and bolt restoration by Norman , here at British Four Wheel Drive. Too much to fully list but features a new galvanized chassis, new bulkhead , new TD5 Dash, new AC System, new Exmoor XS half leather interior with new headliners and carpet, and stainless brake...
  4. Wanted
    Looking for a complete set of the little plastic ends for the NAS 110 heat/AC control levers. please send a note if you have some available. [email protected] adam
  5. Wanted
    Like subject says, looking for a nas 110. Please shoot me a PM if you are considering selling yours or know of someone. My nas 90 and rrc swb may potentially be available on trade.
  6. For Sale - Parts
    This came off one of my trucks I do not want to ship it really Fu**ing heavy. All the connections are attached and comes with the winch controller. $900 or best offer pick up NYC or LI.
  7. For Sale - Parts
    I bought this from a board member here and realized I will have no need for it. It is boxed up and ready to ship, the heater is included I do not know if it works. $2500 plus the ride
  8. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Anyone here have experience in removal and repair of the rear brake line G Valve? Replacements appear to be NLA. I'm troubleshooting poor brake operation and this is one of the few brake system components I haven't replaced. The others being rear cylinders and brake booster. Pedal goes about...
  9. For Sale - Parts
    hub to hub salisbury, self leveling unit and sway bar included $500
  10. For Sale - Parts
    $100 plus the ride.
  11. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Does anyone know of a source for a dryer (PN: RTC7426) for a NAS 110 A/C system?
  12. Wanted
    Going to replace the gas tank soon on my NAS 110 and read that it’s recommnded to replace the crappy steel skid stick skid with an Alloy one from SHP but don’t think they make it. Anyone know where I can get one to replace mine? Thanks in advance, Eddie
  13. Wanted
    WTB antenna for my NAS110. Ok, so I pulled a Griswold when removing the xmas tree from upon the sleeper rack (it was dark...:_(). Sheared it right off and bent it good. drats.:mad Anyone have an antenna or know where to buy one that is correct for this vehicle? Thanks in advance. J
  14. Wanted
    Long shot but anyone have a new Fuel tank they want to sell? Plastic or metal? Prefer Genuine but open to see whats available. please pm me. Thanks, Ed
  15. Wanted
    Looking for an NAS 110 Roof Basket like the one attached. Thanks!
  16. For Sale - Parts
    1993 Nas 110 spare tire cover small crack on edge $150 plus the ride
  17. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Can't find the answer in search... can some confirm the spline count for a NAS 110? Where can I get the hub? Anyone have the MOMO Nero... pics? Thanks, Ed
  18. Truck Build-up's & Restores
    Wondering if any of you have put a NAS style rollbar on your non NAS Defender. Is it even possible and how did it turn out if you did so?
  19. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    I'm trying to sort out an issue with a customer's 110's a/c. There is an in-line device near the evaporator that I believe is an orifice tube version of an expansion valve. There is a coil spring inside that appears to be broken, and believe it's sticking. I'm going to guess it's NLA, but I was...
1-19 of 500 Results