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    So I am on the road and the truck, 1997 D-90 with a 4.o, is running a bit crappy. Started acting like a misfire on the highway the other day and I am having trouble nailing it down. Would love some help before I have to head back home on Sunday for the 9 hour drive. Here is what I have done...
  2. Wanted
    I feel like I'm throwing a hail mary with this one, but looking for a misfire detection module for a 1997 D90 - part # ANR5508. It's the module under the passenger seat box. We've tried everything possible to cure the dreaded "rough road implausible" CIL and this is our last hope! Thanks,
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    So I'm finally spending sometime and trying to track down why my truck misses one a cold start until I put a load on it. It will also blow some white smoke (unburnt diesel im assuming) while this misfire is happening. It doesnt Take much to make it go away.. Just a hundred feet or so down the...
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    Newbie here! Anyone know how to repair a cylinder 5 misfire? Trying to smog my car bbut have a check engine light on. Already replaced all O2 sensors and Temp Switch and now have a cylinder 5 misfire fault code. All help is appreciated.
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    Finally got a code reader. This is for a 2003 Discoe, Dweb is down so I can't search over there. Error code was for cylinder 7 misfire. I've had the service engine soon light on for a while, talked to LR and they said as long as it wasn't flashing I was fine. Got in the truck today and it...
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    Hoping for some sleuth help from other D90ers out there. My Check Engine light came on, took it to my mechanic and he said it reported an "ignition/engine misfire code" (nothing specific). Since I just had the heads re-done last year, he suggested that I first replace the plug wires since they...
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    truck runs great but the check engine light stays on a multiple misfire code keeps coming up
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    I am utterly confused about this one. I took the D90 up to paragon and was going through some water and after the water crossing maybe 30 seconds later it stalls. I check the distributor, spark plugs, intake and everything is dry. Then I try to start it and it cycles but it doesn't fire. After...
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    Guys…….i’ve been reading through the posts and am still a bit puzzled by what my truck is doing. 97 D90 SW w/115K. Accelerating from an idle to about 2,500 rpms I have a significant power loss / lag to the point where it almost feels like its gonna stall. If I stay on the gas it resumes...
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    Anybody have any suggestions. My Defender is running great. But, my 99 Series I Disco has a problem. Everytime I let off the gass at high speeds (65-70) the car starts to idle very rough. I put on the break and slow down. It begins to run fine and I am on my way. It is very intermitten. The...
1-10 of 11 Results