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  1. Defender Technical Discussions
    So in one of those 'Days of Thunder' moments.. Went out to the garage to get something last night and noticed a puddle under the 'Ole Girl.. Looks like the Brake Master is leaking (pretty significantly).. Initially thought it was leaking between the reservoir and the Master, but not so sure...
  2. Defender Technical Discussions
    Greetings Hivemind, I've had intermittent softness in the brakes. Leading theory from my uncle (a long time diesel mechanic) after driving was that debrief / blockage was being shifted around in the system and sometimes stopping the flow of the fluid. Ask a local spot to take a look and they...
  3. For Sale - Parts
    Includes Bearings (up to suffix J), seals, filter and balk rings. $200 shipped within CONUS.
  4. Wanted
    Good day all Wondering if anyone has an extra lying around or can point me in the right direction for one for my 94 NAS DEFENDER 90. I'd like to get an original before I have to fab one up. Thanks in advance. It would cover this....
  5. The Flea Market
    Recently had a full service from Citizen USA that also included a new battery and new mineral crystal. This is the full Titanium 200M professional Duplex AquaLand model. A serious diving tool with depth sensor and it actually records multiple dives in memory. It also has warning alarms and full...
  6. For Sale - Parts
    This came of my 1989 RHD 110. I just had it blasted and powder coated but no longer need it. $125 shipped in the U.S.
  7. Defender Technical Discussions
    After spending the last year getting the 110 dialed in and ready to go on my annual Martha's Vineyard excursion I think my clutch master cylinder is on the way out. While I was waiting in line for the ferry I noticed some drips of fluid by the clutch pedal, so I know that is the tell tale...
  8. For Sale - Parts
    STC4322 Genuine TRW Booster 150.00 shipped. LR0 13018 Gen TRW Brake Master Cylinder with Res 145.00 shipped or both for 285 shipped. New parts warranty of 1 year
  9. For Sale - Parts
    I have a good working R380 out of a '96 DI that had 117K miles on the odometer. The truck was owned by a long time customer who is a British car nut. Aside from this '96 DI he also sold me his '94 DI a few years ago and still owns an '04 DII Trail Edition, a TR3, '67 MGB and a Jensen Healey...
  10. Defender Technical Discussions
    Just replaced the slave and master cylinder, bleed it, and after pumping the clutch peddle a 100 times still flopping without resistance.
  11. For Sale - Parts
    Both are from AB and are still in their wrappers. The master ( ANR2186) was $100 and the slave (FTC5072) was $60. The slave will fit some Defender 200Tdi's. Open to offers.
  12. For Sale - Parts
    3 in stock. AllMakes Dual power master cylinder. Fits Defender '87-'99 without ABS. Asking $165.00 + Shipping. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via PM, email at [email protected], or call 1-(407)517-4983 and ask for Josh.
  13. Defender Technical Discussions
    Minus the ring bolts and the pinion nut. Same shims/bearings/crush sleeve?
  14. For Sale - Parts
    Original LR light switch. used, but in excellent condition. no breaks in rubber boot or fading of icon. $35 OBO plus flat USPS shipping.
  15. For Sale - Parts
    $35 plus flat-rate USPS shipping. New; never used.
  16. For Sale - Parts
    Sold the truck. I have this one for sale. $100.00 plus the ride.
  17. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hi all, So I think I'm going to try to change out my clutch master cylinder myself as the mechanic quoted me $300 labour. I just have a few questions. First, before I remove the pipe from the top of Master Cylinder, I am assuming I have to drain the fluid? Can someone please let me know...
  18. For Sale - Parts
    I have a NEW comprehensive Defender LT230T Master Rebuild Kit for sale. This has pretty much everything you need for your rebuild, except the snap rings. The kit features quality TIMKIN, KOYO and NSK bearings, gaskets, o-rings, seals and center diff lock switch. $150 and buyer pays shipping...
  19. Defender Technical Discussions Has anyone fit one of these?
  20. Defender Technical Discussions
    Clutch worked fine before I attempted transmission swap. Pulled slave out of bellhousing, rubber boot came off, piston fell out and fluid drained. Rats, I I will have to bleed system. Got new transmission in and had daughter pumping clutch pedal while I'm underneath opened and...
1-20 of 131 Results