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  1. For Sale - Parts
    I have a great running 2.5NA engine that was just pulled from my '95 Ex-MoD. Engine drove strong and cruised at 55mph with left over room to pass (that's right, I would even sometimes pass SLOWER cars) at 62mph! Most of the ancillaries will be included (I do plan to keep the starter as a spare...
  2. Defender Technical Discussions
    Does anyone know the bearing rpm limit on a LT230? Can anyone point me to the replacement bearings for this transfer case? ratios1.410 High and 3.321 in Low.
  3. For Sale - Parts
    My fault for not specifying which would get exactly which parts if separated, so now for sale as a unit. Selling together R380 and 1.2 ration LT230. Both in good working order. Would much prefer local pickup in either Long Island (Southold, NY) or New York City but could arrange...
  4. For Sale - Parts
    I have an LT230 transfer case crated and ready to go. It ran fine when pulled but will need a reseal. The previous owner told me it was a 1.4, so I replaced it with an Ashcroft 1.2, and later learned it was in fact a 1.2. The serial # also indicates it is a 1.2. My mistake, your gain on a great...
  5. Wanted
    Looking for a 1.4 LT230 in good condition. Preferably someplace in the northeast to pick up. Looking to give the 110 a little more oomph so I can keep up with Lav. Thanks!
  6. Wanted
    I need to replace the failing LT77 on my Exmod 110 and sourcing a proper one is looking to be very difficult, so looks like I'm headed the route of an R380 upgrade. Figured I'd touch base on here to see if I can find a good quality R380 short before I start throwing money at Ashcroft. Anyone...
  7. For Sale - Parts
    I've had this stashed away for a personal project for some time but will not use it. Removed from a 300Tdi Discovery, shipped here as part of a swap kit. I have not personally run it but it seems good. This would fit a 300Tdi Defender by changing the shifter. $500 for both, pickup only. Adam
  8. For Sale - Parts
    Local sale only. I don't have time to ship. I bought these years ago along with a 200tdi but decided not to use them. Priced to sell $600 firm.
  9. Defender Technical Discussions
    Forgotten what years the LT230 1.2 was lever operated, last one went to buy was cable. If ya know and answer Thank you
  10. Wanted
    Looking for an LT230, prefer 1.4 in Northern VA Thanks Mike
  11. Wanted
    I am looking for the LT85 to LT230 linkage. It is the curved piece in the picture. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hey guys... my 86 110 has a Lt230 with what I believe is the normal shifting pattern... high gear towards the seats, low towards the engine... open diff to the right and locked to the left. My friend just bought an 89 or 90 Defender 90 from Spain (not a Santana) and the transfer case seems like...
  13. Wanted
    Looking for an LT230 input gear, prefer used. splines can be worn. Not looking to pay a lot. Doesn't need to be cross-drilled. Old and dusty originals are fine. Just needs to work. Does anyone have anything sitting around they want to get rid of? I don't care about the ratio. Would prefer not...
  14. Defender Technical Discussions
    Has anyone ever seen a t-case where the serial number had been obliterated? The “4WD” portion of the ratio sticker is also gone. There are some barely legible scratched in numbers. I will try to photo or translate.
  15. Defender Technical Discussions
    In the process of changing all the fluids in my 110 since it is new to me with no idea when they were last done!! The transmission was VERY low on oil. I've read that the LT230 calls for EP90 oil as do the axles. I can't seem to find the straight EP90 oil anywhere. I regularly use Amsoil...
  16. For Sale - Parts
    This is a new take off transfer case. It was removed from a 2014 Defender with delivery miles only. This is not rebuilt, it is a factory built transfer case with around 40 miles. We have back-dated this transfer case to make it compatible with pre-Puma Defenders, Range Rover Classics, and...
  17. For Sale - Parts
    168k miles. Runs great, tiny puff of smoke at start up for about a second. Starts right away after using glow plugs on cold start. Engine leaks pretty much anywhere it could possibly leak. I think the biggest one is the rear main seal. I have it in the truck right now so I can show it run to...
  18. For Sale - Parts
    Removed from 1988 110 with documented mileage that's getting an upgraded drivetrain. The gear oil was nice and clear with no water. The chassis mount is NOT included despite being pictured. Hi/low shifter housing not included. 20D prefix $700 plus the ride. Can send UPS, FedEx, or Fastenal.
  19. Wanted
    I may need a new or good used LT230 1.4 I need to remove mine and see what it looks like, but wanted to see what was out there. I have a suspicion that at only 54k miles mine is needing a rebuild/replacement. What do you have? Thanks
1-19 of 301 Results