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  1. Smaller Projects
    I have a mint rear jump seat and need help on how to install. I believe these were from Atlantic British or Rovers North back in the day not sure. I have all the seat belt etc, but must be missing a bracket or two. I have the 2 bars that extend out the side. Looks like the attach to...
  2. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    So I am in process of revamping my 1984 110 SW (300TDI) I just replaced rear frame member and it is on it's way to the body shop to tidy up the last 10 years of working dings and dents and get a new paint job. New front Exmoor seats on the way. New rubber mats. My life has changed in the past...
  3. Smaller Projects
    I am considering replacing the 4 side facing jump seats in my 90 with 2 front facing seats. Thoughts, pros and cons?
1-3 of 241 Results