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  1. Wanted
    #389 is coming along. Because the dash burned I’m building up from scratch. I’m going with original heat/ac and NAS 110 dash. I’ve got the ac/heater unit rebuilt. I’ve got the grey plastic dash board insert. I’m missing the heat lever mechanism, the Green AC button, the little panel next to the...
  2. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hello Friends, New Defender owner here. I'm overhauling my heater and am inclined to change out the ballast resistor due to age (1993). The current one is pulling 2.6 ohms. Is that about right? If so, I can get one in that range from AutoZone for $5. It's green in color and has following...
  3. Defender Technical Discussions
    The fan speed selector on my 97 is very stiff, it does not move easily. It's been that way since I've owned the truck but it's worked. Recently it's been even more difficult to slide up and down and now the high fan speed only works after fiddling with the lever - moving it side to side a bit...
  4. For Sale - Parts
    Brand new lower dash vents for heater outlets - both left and right side. Original Land Rover OEM Parts (P/N JKB100450 & JKB100440). Includes fasteners. Aftermarket ones available for $7 from Rovers North + shipping. I'm asking $5 + shipping Professionally packaged and shipped via UPS or...
  5. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hey all. I'm planing to bypass the heater in my 94 NAS D90 this weekend. In preparation, I'll need some hose couplers, clamps, and maybe an elbow or U-turn hose (for lack of a better term). I thought I'd find easy info on this, but amazingly did not. Question: what size hoses are they? Is...
  6. Smaller Projects Hey guys! Please check on my video on Land Rover Heater Box refurbish. It's an easy DIY if your handy with a rivet gun. Even if you're not this is a good project to learn on. It's also a great way to improve your heater efficiency and freshen up your engine bay...
  7. Defender Technical Discussions
    i just got a d110 that was rebuilt by the landrovers in the netherlands. its been quite an experience(some good, some frustrating) but i'll save those details for a later post. since i live in AK i had them install a webasto heater. its an airtop 2000stc for a diesel. it has the dash mounted...
  8. Wanted
    Mine works, but one of the tabs is broken so it rattles around a bit. Refreshing the top end and figured now would be a good time to replace it. They're available new, but figured I'd ask here first. ERR371
  9. For Sale - Parts
    This was removed from a 24v diesel NL ex army truck. Mostly complete but not tested. Good for parts? Free if you come pick up in Quogue NY. If I have to ship it will be $50 + actual shipping. (See I really don’t want to ship it) From same truck a twin battery tray and cover. Mounted between...
  10. Defender Technical Discussions
    Ok, I've read most of the posts related to my question, Uncle Douglas was particularly helpful, but I have a question about "amount" of airflow to be expected.. Specifically, If I have the fan on high and the lever completely on heat or completely on "defrost" what amount of the airflow is...
  11. For Sale - Parts
    Think this is brand new and never installed. Not sure if it's a Genuine part or Britpart? $100.00 Shipped.
  12. For Sale - Parts
    Heater box, matrix fan, all working when removed $200. Boxed ready to go.
  13. Wanted
    Need a heater motor for my 1991 RHD 110. I could use just the motor or the motor, fan and back plate as a whole. Thanks
  14. For Sale - Parts
    Brand new JEC001030 - Defender Heater Assembly Includes Blower Motor and Matrix - Left Hand Drive from 2000, $650 shipped.
  15. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hey Guys, My first post here and I am hoping I can be a larger part of this community besides, "help me with my problem" posts. I am going to try and keep this short. I have been dealing with an overheating issue on my 1995 defender with a 300TDI. It all started when the expansion tank split...
  16. Defender Technical Discussions
    I have an '87 110 with a 2.5TD (RHD). The heat has always been weak but now the blower has stopped. It occasionally comes on for short durations. I checked the fuse and the connections to the dash fan switch. It was working fine, then stopped blowing. Then came back on a day later for about...
  17. Defender Technical Discussions
    While in motion with heater on warm air is coming out of vents. Stop at a red light and air coming from vents start to turn cold. Within a minute of stopping air is cold. Start moving again air starts to warm up and within a minute nice warm air is again flowing from vents. every time I stop the...
  18. Wanted
    Looking for a restorable RHD heater box. Bad fan and bad heater core are okay as I'll be replacing these. Thanks. -Neil
  19. Smaller Projects
    I know we have many heater box rebuild threads here. What I'm trying to figure out is what did you use as replacement thin foam inside the box on the flaps? Thanks
1-19 of 423 Results