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  1. Wanted
    Hoping someone still has the old original flimsy, deteriorating, gray colored, cardboard footwell back panel. IN ANY CONDITION. Maybe someone replaced theirs, or just got sick of it. I want to use it as a pattern so that I could remake one for myself.
  2. For Sale - Parts
    Brand new, never installed YRM Defender 110 2nd row seat footwell to rear floor upstand (YRM part number 114B). Machine cut and CNC pressed by YRM from 2mm aluminum sheet. Still in protective film. Extensions (per original design) have been removed to provide a standard fit. Bought for my...
  3. For Sale - Parts
    It doesn’t matter to me if it is for a rhd or lhd. Let me know what you have. I know they have them for sale online. Just seeing if anyone has one here in the states for a reasonable price. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Wanted
    I am looking for a Footwell Repair panel like the YRM 004A. I really just need the floor part, not the side in truth so if there is another repair panel, I am all ears! Actually, is there a double piece like the bulkhead has where it is "dual layer"? Let me know if you have something! I can...
  5. Wanted
    I need to replace the footwell on my truck... Anyone has one laying around? YRM 005A or similar
  6. For Sale - Parts
    LHD footwell replacements (Britpart DA6102/DA6103). Both driver and passenger sides. $100 plus shipping. Located in Arlington, VA if you want to pick up or RURR. I'm experiencing problems loading pics. Will try and get them up later.
  7. Wanted
    I know I can order these from YRM but just wanted to check and see if anyone had a set of these laying around or didn't end up using before I go ahead and order from across the pond.. LHS Footwell Repair Panel RHS Footwell Repair Panel
  8. For Sale - Parts
    Have a set of galvanized footwell support brackets for a Defender. They have the bulkhead brackets attached also. $60 shipped inside lower 48. Part numbers: AQU710040 AQU710050 LR033004 LR033005
  9. For Sale - Parts
    NAS Footwell Kick Panel Trim set, BTR980 + BTR981. Genuine Land Rover. New in package. Texture finish. $60 shipped.
  10. For Sale - Parts
    Brand new set of footwell insulation rubber trim. Has smooth surface finish. Genuine Land Rover. $150 shipped within lower 48.
  11. Defender Technical Discussions
    hey there, Just bought my D90 about a month ago and am pretty unhappy with the condition of the footwells. the previous owner did a shoddy patch job by just quick-welding diamond plate onto the worst spot. Both the driver side and passenger side have some rust where the footwell portion of the...
  12. For Sale - Parts
    I just replaced my stock cardboard footwell panels with Lelofabs replacements. I HIGHLY recommend his products. That being said, I have the original cardboard footwell panel for the passenger side, and perhaps more interesting to some, I have the stock retainer clip/ metal bar for the...
  13. Vendor Deals
    All, First I want to apologize for my time away from the forum and the business side of things. As many know, I moved my family and shop this summer...who would've thought the family part would be the tougher! Anyways, I am finally getting back to being setup for fabrication of parts...
  14. For Sale - Parts
    Bought these from Bobeck ('Ren Ching'), they are the Td5 footwell/toebox sound insulation for a RHD vehicle. Ran into a bit of an obstacle with my hood pull interfering since mine is in a non-standard location. Bottom line is...I didn't have the heart to cut these since this Td5 sound proof...
  15. Defender Technical Discussions
    Still learning about my first LR Def 90 and noticed now it is winter that no matter where I position the heating air circulation level (fully up for windshield for fully down for footwell) the hot air only blows out of the windshield vent. I get no heat at all in the footwell. I searched but...
  16. Defender Technical Discussions
    I'm going to be repairing my footwells and door post bottoms on my '86 110 and I'd appreciate some advice from those who have gone through this. I'll be using the YRM footwell panels and a set of door posts I got from RN, and doing the work with the bulkhead in place on the truck. I'm debating...
  17. For Sale - Parts
    Non ac passenger footwell panel. $50 shipped Sal:)
  18. Defender Technical Discussions
    Ok, I know this topic has been covered a million times. I've searched here, You tubed and even looked at Jeep forums. But basically everyone says, "Just weld in new metal, ta da!" and skips from Step A (cut out hole) to Step B (replacement panel in place for welding) I'm probably going to...
1-18 of 51 Results