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  1. Wanted
    Gday, Anyone have a pair of rear mudflaps for a 110, just need the rubber flaps. PM me if you have a pair. Cheers
  2. Defender Technical Discussions
    Are the rubber mud flap parts of LR mud flaps the same exact size on a 90 and a 110? It seems they are and the only difference is the mounting hardware/bracket. I am asking because my 110 has an extended range fuel tank I am not sure how hard it will be to mount the right rear flap because the...
  3. Defender Technical Discussions
    I am hoping to get some advise regarding which mud flaps (90 or 110) will work best since I have a second fuel tank that hangs a couple of inches below the rear quarter panel where the 110 mud flap normally mounts. I attached two photos of the passenger side rear where the tank is. Do I: 1...
  4. For Sale - Parts
    NTO genuine seat belt bar and belt set for 4 D90/110 rear fold-up seats: $250 shipped Genuine rear fender spats in gloss black, one new in package and the other is new but blemished from handling: $150 shipped for the pair NTO genuine mud flaps for 90/110, all years: $125/shipped (several sets...
  5. For Sale - Parts
    See photos, these can use new brackets. $45 shipped. A pair of brackets is $23.00 shipped, see the below link. Land Rover Defender 90 New Rear Mud Flap Brackets Pair MUC3986 | eBay Rovers North product listing: MUDFLAP & BRACKET LHR D90 NON-NAS, RNI682, LR032970, LR055340 - Rovers North -...
  6. For Sale - Parts
    Used rear Land Rover mud flaps. One has hole where exhaust ran through. $50 shipped
  7. Wanted
    Has to fit my NAS soft top, would like it with ladder as well. I am going to carry luggage, paddleboards, and canoes. Monty 248 388 6781
  8. Wanted
    Looking for a set of correct new rear mud flaps (with appropriate mounting brackets) for my NAS 97 d90. Fronts would be good too but not critical.
  9. For Sale - Parts
    Mud flaps from Disco I. Believe they are a front set. With brackets. There is some dry cracking in the rubber. $20 plus shipping.
  10. For Sale - Parts
    Rear Mud Flaps for Defender 110 new take off. $50 for the pair plus shipping
  11. Wanted
    Need all 4 mudflaps, without brackets is fine. Also 2 rear bench seats, if anyone has them in black vinyl (the kind that you can get new from rovahfarm for 109.99 each) Two driver side (LHD) side mirrors (complete). Two front seat bottoms (grey twill)
  12. For Sale - Parts
    As good as new, rear ones are branded, front ones plain. $75 and $10 shipping. Don't have picture of front ones unfortunately.
  13. Wanted
    Looking for a set of rear mud flaps for a 90 with a notch for the exhaust and WITH Land Rover embossed...anyone know a good place to buy in the states...
  14. Wanted
    Does anybody have a set they are willing to part with that fit a ROW 90? I'm looking for a set with the logo, black or yellow. Thanks, Dave
  15. For Sale - Parts
    New take off Defender rear mud flaps. $50 for the pair plus shipping.
  16. Wanted
    Think these are NLA, but I'm looking for a set of LR Genuine rear mud flaps for an NAS D90
  17. The Flea Market
    These things are impossible to find….thought someone here might want them.
  18. For Sale - Parts
    Good condition, no tears. Mounting hardware not included. $40 plus actual shipping, will ship from Newport News VA. Thanks
1-18 of 58 Results