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  1. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hello all. So this is my quick question. My truck is throwing a code 44 but most importantly was running horribly. Definitely felt like it was missing one or more cylinders. Could a bad o2 sensor cause a missfire when it is cold and or hot? Here is the backstory. My truck was leaking like...
  2. For Sale - Parts
    Hello all, I have a few LHD defenders being broken for parts, here I am selling a bulkhead from 1994 defender 110 in white. No rust holes only slight surface rust on floor panels. This can be sold complete with heater box, wiper assembly and dash set - $3000 or as a bare bulkhead - $1600...
  3. Defender Technical Discussions
    So I am on the road and the truck, 1997 D-90 with a 4.o, is running a bit crappy. Started acting like a misfire on the highway the other day and I am having trouble nailing it down. Would love some help before I have to head back home on Sunday for the 9 hour drive. Here is what I have done...
  4. The Flea Market
    Unused hardback collectors log book , about 72 perfect shape Perfect for Curio and Relic owners to adhere to ATF regs and for those wanting to catalog their collection for insurance purposes. $20 shipped
  5. Defender Technical Discussions
    I'm just starting to dive into this project. I bought this '91 110 200tdi in this condition. It caught fire while the prior owner had it idling and parked. I'm trying to determine the cause so that I can proceed with the repairs. Five things that I notice that could definitely cause a fire...
  6. Truck Build-up's & Restores
    so this does not involve my 110, but it could have, and it muight be of value to you DIY guys so I am welding sheet metal patches on the holes on my 72 Porche 914 (volkswagon in disguise) I started thinking I had 6 holes, now I'm at 12, and will be rebuilding the bottom back 1/4th of the...
  7. Wanted
    I am looking for a good condition rear bulkhead for my 110 Hi Cap. LR part number MWC9340. Thanks Zach
  8. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hi Everyone My V8 Defender has a very rusted firewall. I am planning on doing a replacement. There is a Td5 firewall available at a good price. Does anyone know if the Td5 firewall will be compatible on the V8?
  9. Defender Technical Discussions
    All: When my Ninety with its 3.9 Efi from a '95 D1 is cold & gets throttle under load, it hesitates like crazy, backfires a bunch, then gets its acto together & runs fine. The colder it is, the worse it is. It starts with hesitation, which feels like a misfire- then there's a series of pops...
  10. Defender Technical Discussions
    1995 NAS D90 I cleaned the throttle body, replaced the stepper motor twice and plenum intake hose (from SafariHP) and it seemed to help somewhat but what I am going to describe still happens. After starting the truck cold, it idles fine at around 1000 rpm. Under acceleration when pressing the...
  11. Wanted
    Looking for a nice lt77 center tunnel cover and firewall diagram for my 3 door pickup. Sal
  12. Wanted
    I feel like I'm throwing a hail mary with this one, but looking for a misfire detection module for a 1997 D90 - part # ANR5508. It's the module under the passenger seat box. We've tried everything possible to cure the dreaded "rough road implausible" CIL and this is our last hope! Thanks,
  13. For Sale - Parts
    Good condition 110 or 130 rear firewall assembly for sale. Some surface bubbling on the left side as seen in the pic. Nothing bad at all but wanted to point that out. I also have the crew cab upper window with both side glass and middle sliding glass listed as well if interested in both...
1-13 of 163 Results