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  1. For Sale - Parts
    Due to a change in direction, I'm selling most of what's needed to complete a V8 conversion to an LT77. Here's what included in the sale: 1> 3.9L V8 engine that came out of a 1994 NAS Defender. This engine is in excellent condition and ran perfectly when it was pulled for an LS swap. (USED)...
    $4,000 USD
  2. For Sale - Parts
    2.5 300tdi we pulled out for a LS swap and have replaced seals, gasket etc... thoroughly inspected and ready to put in your vehicle today. $7,500 OBO. If you have any more questions or are interested in buying a converted defender 90 or 110 please contact me (Grant Yacuk) 253twotwoone2093
    $7,500 USD
  3. For Sale - Parts
    Hi All! I just had an engine swap and major restoration done on my 1989 D110 in CT. I have my old engine 2.5TD 19J, which should be used for parts or to be rebuilt. $500 Bonnet: Currently painted Matte Nato Green with Black Checker-plate covering where the spare was originally. $350 2 Front...
  4. Wanted
    Looking for a easy swap - my current 2.5D NA bit the dust and I would like to replace with the same (albeit in running condition :)). With all the engine power upgrades happening, I am certain someone has a previously well-running 2.5D NA gathering dust in their garage corner. Located in...
  5. Truck Build-up's & Restores
    Thanks for allowing me to post this non-Defender material here. For what it's worth, my NAS D90 makes a cameo in this 10-minute video.
  6. Truck Build-up's & Restores
    For those following along, here is a 12-minute highlight video of Episode 4 of 6. Almost there!
  7. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Hey Guys, So an awful squealing started yesterday so I just popped open the bonnet to see what it was and low and behold a bolt from the alternator has decided to jump ship. Does anyone know what bolt this is? Sure I could find something that could work but figured someone would know the...
  8. Truck Build-up's & Restores
    Greetings all! I’m looking to purchase a low mileage, Chevy 250 inline 6 engine with flywheel. I'm located in CT. Thank you!
  9. For Sale - Parts
    I've got both a 19J engine and LT77 transmission out of a 1988 D110. The Defender has 146k showing on the odometer and was running great when I pulled these out. I put about 5k on these before deciding to do an LS swap. I did break the fan getting the engine out and the lower pulley needs...
  10. For Sale - Parts
    1993 Defender V8 3.5 with LT77 manual 5 speed and LT230 transfer case, plus extras. Only 13k original miles (20,416km) Came out of fire rescue vehicle from the Netherlands which was always garaged and serviced. I purchased this set up last year from another member on Defender Source who had just...
  11. For Sale - Parts
    1993 Defender V8 3.5L engine with LT77 manual 5 speed. ONLY 13K actual miles (20K km’s). Pristine condition. Off fire truck from Netherlands, always garaged and maintained regularly. I have videos of pre-pull run. This is full swap “plug and play” package. Including radiator, clutch pump...
  12. Wanted
    If you have a block or a full good condition motor 3.9 let me know
  13. For Sale - Parts
    Hello everyone! I am a distributor of MWM Maxion HS and HSD engine parts for Land Rover Defender 2.5 TDI. Shipping directly from Brazil, with secure payment via PAYPAL, make your quote with us, I guarantee to have excellent stock and price, original products, I've sold here once to Mark Kelgren...
  14. For Sale - Parts
    Running 19J engine from UK spec 1988 Defender 110. Just pulled for a swap to 200Tdi. Have all parts including radiator intercooler, starter, etc... Call to discuss price. -9378307954
  15. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Has anyone ever imported a International/MWM 2.8 diesel from a ford ranger in brazil. They are the last generation of the 300 tdi. They supply the parts that are used for the 2.8 upgrade. The exchange rate makes it possible. Any experience with this engine?
  16. Wanted
    I am looking for an engine cover, ERR4632. I have found them new for $250 in the US, and $35-120 + shipping overseas. Anyone have on for sale stateside for less than that? Also, how does the thing mount to the engine? Does it just sit on top of it? Thanks in advance.
  17. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Hi all, recently replaced my engine and trans mounts on the '95 row 110. It's a 300tdi from the factory. It used to be smooth as silk from idle to wide open. Now it shakes/vibrates so much that it is rattling bolts and screws out of everywhere. Is there a softer set of mounts that anyone can...
  18. Wanted
    Hello, Looking for an oil cap for a 3.9 rover V8 engine, for the engine that is on a NAS D110, The orange oil cap.... Does anyone have one for sale? or anyone can guide me to where to buy it from.. Thank you
  19. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    I’m looking into buying a d90 in the new future and doing my initial research on which model year/engine would best fit my needs. I do not currently have a long commute, but I’d like something that would do well on the interstate, around town, and off road. Do any of you all have some...
  20. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    I have a transplant 300tdi engine in my 110. Is there anyway to use the engine # when ordering parts. On numerous parts there is a before and after a soecific vin number difference for which part is correct. I have a 23L series engine. Any guidance is much appreciated.
1-20 of 500 Results