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  1. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    So I have after market electric fans on my Defender. Sorry can't remember the name. There is a switch under the hood that is used to set them up. Not so long ago someone posted a link to instructions on how to configure these fans. I cannot find it now, can someone help? Many thanks
  2. Series 1, 2, and 3 Technical Discussions
    hi all, I have my S3 109 200tdi up and running again. Now my thoughts turn to improving the electric fan control. Currently I have a Kenlowe unit in place. I dislike the fact that I can't manually switch the fan on or off from inside the truck. The ability to set a temperature for my fan to come...
  3. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    I just replaced the thermostat (180 degrees) on my '86 D110, V8 and the temperature gauge will now barely move, where in the past it used to rest about 1/3 of the way from the left, when the truck has fully warmed up. The truck runs fine, and doesn't seem to run "too cold", if there is such a...
  4. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    So I have a viscous fan for engine cooling and I have AC on my 200tdi with the spal 11 inch fan in front of the condenser. here is my question: can I remove the struts and put in dual 11 inch fans so that the fans cover both the radiator and the intercooler behind it? not having issues...
  5. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    I just ordered an Ex-Fan switch and am shopping for an electric fan setup for my 200Tdi. I have seen that the Taurus setup may over tax my stock alternator. Will my stock alternator work? What else have you guys had success with? Thanks!
  6. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Zip tied to the oil cooling radiator, looks like an add on and it doesn't appear to work. What's the deal?
  7. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Morning D-World, I'm trying to work on my electric fan problems... In order to give myself a failsafe, in case the temp switch on the thermostat fails, I want to install an override switch to turn on the fan manually. 2 relays being used... Relay 1 trigger: temp switch which then gives...
  8. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    I was thinking on installing an Electric fan set up , and questions came up in my head ( yeah go figure ) What difference would be installing a sucker style ( in front of radiator ) as opposed to a blower style ( behind the radiator ) reason, well in front of radiator there are no hoses to...
  9. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    I need a switch that will thread into the thermostat cover and turn the electric fan on and off. I have a bunch, one runs the fan all the time and the other seems to never turn on.(Even held a lighter near the bottom of it) they both are marked 98 celcius. Does anyone know what temperture it...
  10. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Who is running them and what do you think? How have you set up the fan(s) so it covers the intercooler? My fan clutch it toast and I'm thinking of going this route instead of shelling out the doe what always seems to become an expensive paperweight.
  11. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Who here has done it? Got any pictures of your setup? What did you do about the intercooler? Results? Thanks, I have a hard decision to make.
  12. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    I don't want to start another thread but I seem to have to . Everyone that has done an electric fan upgrade has used the flex-a-lite model 210 or 220 - only issue is that they don't seem to make that model anymore, so I can't find the dimensions or stats on the fan to see what the newer version...
1-12 of 29 Results