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  1. For Sale - Parts
    I just got my Offroad Monkeys hinges delivered, and man are they beautiful. Working on setting up an online shop for hard to get pieces, so in efforts with this I ordered a few extra. Didn't expect the shipping to cost me $500 tho, ouch. Either way, if anyone is interested in these beautiful...
  2. Wanted
    I'm looking for a replacement door for my NAS soft top Defender on the driver side. The upper is in pretty good shape, but the bottom has rusted on the inside and no longer holds the upper pin. Please let me know if you have one or have a good source for replacements. Thanks!
  3. For Sale - Parts
    Set of front and middle doors off a 1983 110 County. All 4 frames require repairs to the frame bottom (YRM sells repair inserts). I'm including a couple of pictures to show the extent of the rust. Hinges included, but no tops, cards, or latch hardware. Front left door does have a ding on the...
  4. Wanted
    I need a pair of them, thanks. I'm located in Cincinnati.
  5. For Sale - Parts
    FS: New unistalled, unpainted Defender rear swing away door. Steel frame with aluminum skin and primer finish. Drilled for wiper assembly and hinges but not for the rear tire carrier (though it can be). This is not an official LR part. I bought this along with my 1988 90SW. I decided to go ST...
  6. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hi all. Where can I find a locking barrel lever rod for LHD Driver-side door (2013 Defender Puma 2.2)? It's gone! And the lock spins freely with key in it. Lock works as should, (can't open with a screwdriver). I will buy and pay for shipping to US. Image below, labeled number 4. Thanks!
  7. For Sale - Parts
    I am receiving my first shipment end of August.we have been working on these parts last 6 months.we have doors, bulkheads ,roofs ,fenders and more...these are all handmade and aluminum parts (except bulkhead) .if you are interested don't hesitate to contact me.
  8. For Sale - Parts
    110 Roof, 3-Door Van Sides, Doors, SD Roll Cage Package One of our 110 builds ended up being a soft top so these parts are now surplus. 110 roof with sunroof and alpine windows, freshly painted in Fuji White 110 headliner with sun visors, will need to be re-upholstered...
  9. Defender Technical Discussions
    does anyone sell cut and weld pieces for the lower rear door and 2 row doors for the 110's? I see some for the series models but nothing for the 110s
  10. For Sale - Parts
    Window Channel suitable for 1 Front Door Top - Paddock Spares Two sets, one for each of your 2 front doors. I purchased these more or less by accident - I've been trying to find a series truck to buy to go with them but so far, no luck... Asking $10 + the ride
  11. Defender Technical Discussions
    I'm replacing my doors on my 110 300TDI (1995) due to bad corrosion. I'm putting on the same doors (steel frame, aluminum skins), not Puma doors. Any Corrosion Resistant tips while I have the new doors on the work bench? - I've heard painting waxoil on this inside helps reduce corrosion. -...
  12. Defender Technical Discussions
    is this part of the actual door latch or a cover? Im trying to find the replacement. Sorry for it being sideways
  13. Wanted
    I know most of you guys are well connected in the Roverworld... does anyone have a lead on a Vertical front grill for a 70's RRC? Thanks in advance.
  14. For Sale - Parts
    Set of 4 interior door panels from a mid-80s 110. Some of the mounting tabs are broken. $150 shipped
  15. Wanted
    It appears we’re in a position where we can add another checklist vehicle to the fleet. We’ve been debating whether that means we bring home our dream Rover, the NAS 110, or get into a frame off restoration of a ROW truck and dial it in exactly as we want it. As we have a nearly stock 97 NAS, it...
  16. Wanted
    Good day, I'm looking for a set of STC 3312 NAS SW door speaker spacers. I tried a set of generic spacers, but they don't match the contour of the door panel at all. Hoping to avoid paying $60 each from RN. Thanks in advance!
  17. For Sale - Parts
    I have a smooth operating ignition switch for all 1995 RRC's and all DI's with automatic transmissions. The left and right front exterior door handles are matched to the ignition switch. If you have mismatched locks or an ignition switch that's on its way out, here's a chance to get a set of...
  18. For Sale - Parts
    Brand New DOOR PANEL FRONT TOP RIGHT-HAND SERIES BLACK VINYL, EXT382-2 - Exmoor Trim USA Right and Left. The vinyl has peeled back on the rear side (some spray glue should do the trick). $80 if you buy them from Exmoor. $55.00 plus shipping from NY.
  19. Defender Technical Discussions
    The spare tire bracket was mounted on the rear door of my truck. The rear door is now bent at the top and does not seal at the top. The gap is about 1/4" Anyone have suggestions for straightening the door? I put a swing away spare tire carrier.
  20. For Sale - Parts
    We have new 2016 NTO doors complete with everything ready to bolt on. Including hinges and mirrors. Here in Charleston ready to ship. $3400 plus shipping in crate.
1-20 of 500 Results