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  1. Speaker Covers 1995 Range Rover Classic (Soft Dash)

    We've done it... After many years of these things being near impossible to find in even decent used condition, we have bit the bullet and spent months perfecting an aftermarket solution. Available for purchase are speaker cover sets for 1995 Range Rover Classic. Sold individually at $225/each...
  2. Dash light cluster

    Seeking new or used, dash light cluster for 97 NAS D90. Any out there that still have the printing on the cluster? Is this the part number? RNC853 Looking for this: Thanks!
  3. Td5 to Puma dash conversion

    Defender Technical Discussions
    Hi guys I’m interested in the ECR R380 gear box conversion does any one have any images they can share please
  4. Please help me identify what is missing here (dash/steering column area)

    Defender Technical Discussions
    Hey all. I am reinstalling my dash. I can't for the life of me figure out what goes here... any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. New Reproduction LHD lower Dash and wiper cover

    For Sale - Parts
    New production lower dash part numbers MTC 2827 and MTC 6080. There are a few wrinkles in the thermoformed plastic around some of the corners. These are pretty close to the factory part but not exact. Please see the photos and feel free to ask for more. $1400 plus actual shipping for the 1...
  6. Radio housing upper dash mount

    For Sale - Parts
    I have a brand new radio upper dash mount for a Defender. I never installed it. Just like this one: Looking for $40 plus shipping. Thanks
  7. Dash Parts 2

    For Sale - Parts
    Center gray panel from 85 LHD 110, $50 plus shipping.
  8. Dashboard parts

    For Sale - Parts
    From 85 LHD 110 dash parts, $50 plus shipping.
  9. Defender upper dash pad, short vent style, crash pad

    For Sale - Parts
    $75 shipped
  10. Anyone running a Dash Cam?

    Misc. Chit-Chat
    Anyone running a Dash Cam? My wife had a close call the other day, and not long ago while parked her car was hit and left with a nice chunk out of the passenger door. Got me thinking about Dash Cams again. Was wondering if anyone on the board has experience with any different makes and...
  11. NAS Defender Dash center switch/clock mount

    For Sale - Parts
    Original to my truck. Sitting in my parts bin. In great shape. $30 shipped conus, paypal.
  12. TD5 Dash Parts New

    For Sale - Parts
    FAB012870PMA FWJ000110PMA FHF000070PMA FHM000040PMA Not in Picture AIR710090 New Take Off AIR710080 New Take Off FHC000190 FHC000180 YUD000310PMA FBT000020 AMR5432 YUG000180LNF Includes New Switch Back and Terminals YUF101521LNF Includes New Switch Back and Terminals FBV000070PMA YUG102550...
  13. TD5 Dash Bits

    For Sale - Parts
  14. dash recover beginnings

    Smaller Projects
    Finally getting around to getting the dash recovered. Removal is very easy, maybe 8 screws in total. The only "difficult" part was getting the grab handle out of the passenger side to remove entire dash. I'm going to have it recovered in leather to make cleaning and conditioning easy.(LOVE...
  15. LHD Galvanized Bulkhead with leather dashboard $1000

    For Sale - Parts
    Galvanized Bulkhead painted in Grasmere green with complete dashboard in leather. $1000 shipped.
  16. 97' NAS Bulkhead/TD5 Dash w/AC

    For Sale - Parts
    I purchased this off a board member here for my build and I have changed my mind with the setup. The bulkhead and dash with AC from a 1997 NAS 90 LE with very low mileage. Previous owner installed a TD5 Facia dash and Facia console switch pack as seen in the pics. The first pic shows what it...
  17. 1993 NAS 110 Complete Upper/Lower Dash

    For Sale - Parts
    I bought this from a board member here and realized I will have no need for it. It is boxed up and ready to ship, the heater is included I do not know if it works. $2500 plus the ride
  18. LHD bulkhead / firewall . White

    For Sale - Parts
    LHD defender dashboard & accesories. hello all, I am new to the forum and have some interesting parts to share... For sale Land Rover defender LHD dashboard set. Suitable for RHD to LHD conversions. see the below photos. Included is all the following: •cluster panel with instruments &...
  19. Puma dash speaker covers

    For Sale - Parts
    All: OEM covers for under-dash 4” speakers. One used, one new. $25 for the pair, shipped to the lower 48. Thanks, Paul.
  20. Various Dash & Interior Parts

    The Flea Market
    PM offers for parts plus shipping. Various parts, most dash parts have some extra holes where importer just screwed stuff together to get it out the door. Came off 1989 D110 SW