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  1. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Gentlemen, My D-110 is back from surgery to change out the LT77 to a Range Rover ZF automatic. Now I can get back to other issues with the truck. The AC unit blows cold air, but only through the windshield ducts or knee level outlets, but not through the face level louvers. Apparently...
  2. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Ok.. bored and was doing the truck shopping rounds to see if anything else interesting popped up in the last day and started wondering just what parts for D90s could be transplanted to a 110 or the parts I never got to put on the D90 sitting all anxiously in my garage? - Are the trailing and...
  3. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Does anyone have any source for an air conditioning compressor for a D110 300TDi? I'm looking to replace the Sanden unit currently installed. Thanks!
481-483 of 500 Results