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  1. Defender Technical Discussions
    Good day everyone, would you be able to tell me what bolt size the rear cross member takes? (Has captive/welded nuts) “puma” rear cross member looking to install a rear hitch and want to use all three rows.
  2. Wanted
    Hey folks - I've acquired a set of rear puma seats for a defender 130 to upgrade the 60/40 bench. Does anyone have the associated chassis cross members and strike plates? Cheers Rear Crossmember: KVB500230 2x Rear Support Plates: AQR710290 L/R Strike Plates: HTM500140 / HTM500150
  3. For Sale - Parts
    I cleaned out the garage this weekend and have many new and used parts from a 86 110 to sell. Prices do not include shipping. Brand New Parts: New Poly bushings-$30 for all License plate lamp assembly-$7 Radiator Cap-$4 Air filter for 2.5 N/A or TD-$8 Stub Axle Kit for Def up to VIN KA-$35...
1-3 of 3 Results