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  1. For Sale - Parts
    Window Channel suitable for 1 Front Door Top - Paddock Spares Two sets, one for each of your 2 front doors. I purchased these more or less by accident - I've been trying to find a series truck to buy to go with them but so far, no luck... Asking $10 + the ride
  2. Wanted
    Anyone know where I can find gutter kit that covers the front and middle doors to accommodate a soft top?
  3. Wanted
    WTB top and side door channels Tith cage I am looking for the top and side door channels for the Tith cage for a soft top. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Wanted
    Looking for a drain channel kit, that includes the header bar, horizontal pieces and vertical pieces. Exmoor has them for sale for around $300, which would be great. But they don't ship to USA, so you can only get it through Rovers North for $630! Let me know! Thanks!
  5. The Flea Market
    Not mine... but good price at $80 shipped. Garrison Outfitters Window Channel Kit Land Rover Defender 90/110 truck | eBay
  6. Wanted
    Looking for both sides but the LH side is more critical since that's the one that's apart right now. This is the bit that runs from the bulkhead foot to the front of the rear tub on a 2 door 90/110/88/109 Like the one pictured but that is the RH side. I need the LH side now but would spring...
  7. For Sale - Parts
    Brand new in packaging Anti Window Rattle Channel kit for side rear sliding windows. Did not end up needing for my D90 project. Exact kit as shown here: Garrison Outfitters $100 Shipped. Paypal accepted
  8. Defender Technical Discussions
    I have just bought an 87 110 2.5 with a little rot, its not been delivered yet but it has the typical rust holes on the A-pillars and corners of the floor of the bulkhead near the tunnel no biggie there but the floors are rotted behind the rockers. The guy I bought it from has the channel pieces...
  9. Vendor Deals
    For our European customers, our Replacement Rubber Window Channel Kits are now available through MUD-UK, along with our Under Seat Storage Cases. Check out MUD-UK for unique and original products for your Defender! End that window...
  10. Defender Technical Discussions
    Has anyone used the YRM replacement door channels? I keep burning through the material when trying to join 2 pieces together. I've tried using both 6012 and 6013 rods with the amps turned way down. It either burns through when striking an arch or 1/2 way though my bead. Has anyone stick...
  11. Wanted
    Looking for a RH front window regulator and the window channels for my 1988 90 station wagon. Will post part numbers later when I can access an online diagram. Thanks, CARL
  12. Vendor Deals
    We're happy to announce that East Coast Rover ECR is now installing our Replacement Rubber Window Channel Kits! Contact ECR and eliminate that window rattle once-and-for-all! ECR 13 Merrill Drive Rockland, ME 04841 USA Phone: 207-594-8086 Fax: 207-594-8120...
  13. Vendor Deals
    Cityside Garage in Holliston, MA, USA is now installing our Replacement Rubber Window Channel Kits Cityside Garage can take care of everything you need for your Defender from repairs and upgrades to major restorations and frame swaps. Get in touch with this great service center and end that...
  14. Defender Technical Discussions
    Ok, so I got some advice as to solve my puddles in my inside channels when it rains. Does anyone know of a link or place that shows step by step process how to pull the upper channels from the roof to reseal them properly?
  15. For Sale - Parts
    Prefer local pick up only. $100 obo. Txt me at 7323612531 Matt
  16. The Flea Market
    INCLUDES: Cobra CB Radio w/ Microphone and clip Uniden Bearcat 20 Watt External Speaker Wilson 2000 Trucker Antenna (missing antenna wire and vehicle antenna mount) User Manual FEATURES: NightWatch illuminated front panel is ideal for switch and control recognition day or night Illuminated...
  17. Series Technical Discussions
    I am looking at a few different ways to go on the sliding glass. The most promising is this stuff which seems to fit the bill in all regards. Has anyone tried a similar product? What could possibly be wrong with this, other than it doesn't look like the OE run channel, which to my mind is a...
1-17 of 40 Results