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  1. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    Need some help. 86 D110 2.5 Liter 4 cyl Petrol WAS running better than ever, then the engine died while I was in 1st gear and accelerating through an intersection. -Pulled the spark plugs and they were filthy. Replaced 4 spark plugs and it started right up and ran fine around the block twice...
  2. Pre - 2016 Defender Technical Discussions
    I have done quite a bit of searching on D90 and elsewhere and I have not been able to find a good source that covers setting up all the vacuum/breather lines for an edelbrock carb as a replacement for a stock twin carb setup. I have seen a number of photos of the setup and they all seem to vary...
1-2 of 2 Results