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    The front shock bushings on my Bilsteins have pretty much crumbled to dust. My one experience with poly bushes was not positive, I think they were Ironman yellow that disintegrated within a year. Any recommendations or should I just call Bilstein and see if I can get replacements from them.
  2. For Sale - Parts
    These are the narrow width front radius arms off my 1991 Defender. They were removed because I installed axles with the wider front control arms. These arms are in good condition with some slight surface rust. They have like new SuperPro bushings installed in them, approx 2500 miles since...
  3. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hey All, Received britpart panhard bushings and have noticed different part #'s. Not sure which side they'd go on for placement for correct fitting, would anyone know one if the part #'s? Britpart G102175 Below is ANR3410G Haven't much success finding on rangerover. or britpart Thanks
  4. For Sale - Parts
    Trailing arm Bushings skinny I think these are for early trucks ????? $12 plus the ride
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    Guys/Gals - I need some solid advice from folks with my current setup or similar. I just recently had a complete overhaul of my suspension. As a bit of history, I was running original OEM bushings and the old stage II 2" lift kit from Safari Gard which was essentially a 2" OME HD spring lift...
  6. For Sale - Parts
    One pair NTC7394 and two pair endlink bushings, these are Genuine but I lost the packaging when I moved my office over a few years ago. $20 shipped address will be [email protected]
  7. Defender Technical Discussions
    I bought an 86 rover 90 that was missing the washers in front of the bushings on the threaded end of the radius arms not back bushings but the ones in front of the frame bracket. Anyway I sent my arms out to be cranked by RTE. when I reassembled, I was referring to a parts diagram and noticed...
  8. Defender Technical Discussions
    Need to replace lower bushings on rear shocks, I might as well do the uppers too. I'm having trouble finding the correct bushings, I've called around locally and have been told there are two different types of bushing based on my vin number, at the time I did not have my vin on hand. Called AB...
  9. Defender Technical Discussions
    My stock '86 110 doesn't inspire a "lot of confidence" under an emergency/panic stop. Whether I'm doing 40mph (on the streets) or 65mph (on the freeway), the truck will unsettle itself during an emergency or short brake stop, and scare the crap out of me. I'm not sure if it's the rubber...
  10. For Sale - Parts
    I have an extra set of bushings for the panhard rod and rear top link (for A-frame control arms). These are the genuine ones made by Lemförder (ZF). I bought them from the UK, but I selected slow shipping (2 weeks), so I re-ordered them with some other parts and selected 1-day shipping. I'll...
  11. Defender Technical Discussions
    Any tips on best way to remove?
  12. Defender Technical Discussions
    Anyone have experience with aftermarket poly bushings or brand new genuine rubber bushings? I've heard conflicting things Some say OEM are better, and if poly were better, then Land Rover would be using them. Some say poly are better. Easier to install, just as durable. Also I don't have a...
  13. Defender Technical Discussions
    Any idea what a good substitute would be for the upper shock bushings (rear) ? Neoprene, rubber, makes no difference, mine are just cooked with too much play. Inquired what the cost of OME replacements were and first of all didn't have any in stock and second, they were stupid money ($40ea)...
  14. For Sale - Parts
    Used Fr/Rr Defender 90 radius arms - Make offer New 4 NTC7307 front radius arm bushings - $10 New 2 STC618 rear radius arm front bushings - $15 I also have the stock springs if anyone would want/could use them...Also have two relatively new front shocks.
  15. Defender Technical Discussions
    The stock bushings seem to be too small. Does anyone know where I can get the specific ones for these? I wrote Atlantic British (were I purchased them) with no luck. They don't carry them.
  16. For Sale - Parts
    Complete except for the center cross member, used Safari Gard 3-link with a 2-3 sets of new Daystar bushings as spares (from a prior TDiGuy group buy). This does not come with the cross member as mine was built Kustom for my truck/drivetrain. Center link is in good working order, greased...
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    New to the land rover scene. I have a 1996 defender 110. Trying to figure out why the top bushings on shock tower are being shredded after 3-4 weeks of being replaced?
  18. Defender Technical Discussions
    I can't find em anywhere. AB has some but it's only the entire kit. Anyone know where I can buy just the radius arm bushings?
  19. Defender Technical Discussions
    I was about to start rebuilding the rear axle on to my new chassis (Marsland) and found that the A-frame to chassis bushes will not fit. It seems that Marsland replaced the bolted on bush mount bracket (575616&575615) with a welded on mount. Looked at their web site and it says so, but also...
1-19 of 67 Results