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  1. Defender Technical Discussions
    1) I want to get new injector pump timing bolts, the 3 that lock down the gear. Mine are a bit rounded and were difficult to loosen. I believe they are M8 20mm hex flange. Can you just replace with ones at the hardware store? 2) And a source for sump pan bolts for a 200 TDI? Thanks
  2. The Flea Market
    RockAuto now carries AJUSA parts! AJUSA is a leading international manufacturer of OE-quality automotive gaskets/sets, cylinder head bolt sets and hydraulic lifters. Like RockAuto, AJUSA is a family-owned company. They are now part of CRP Automotive which includes Continental, Pentosin and...
  3. Defender Technical Discussions
    Anyone know if the mounting bolts for the turbo cartridge have a specific torque value? This is for a 200tdi if it helps. I don’t have the specific Garrett model number handy. Figured I’d ask here before shooting off an email to the vendor. Those have a tendency to get lost in space more often...
  4. Defender Technical Discussions
    I took the ladders and rack of my SW (for winter storage requirements) and now I have 10 holes in the back of the truck. What’s the best way to fill the holes? I was planning on getting a set of bolts and paining them to match and using some neoprene washers under them. Might leave the rack...
  5. Smaller Projects
    Anyone know what size bolts the rear crossmember bolts are? Id like to replace mine. Also, is this a simple remove and replace? Any tips? Thanks H
  6. For Sale - Parts
    Cleaning up and have no current need for the below parts: No name seat risers, recently removed, $25 you pay shipping (email me a label). Aftermarket door lock kit with two remotes. $12 shipped. Optimill sticker, free with purchase Right side KBX wing top vent, $20 shipped Momo wheel, $100...
  7. Defender Technical Discussions
    Concerning the horizontal cantrails, do the torx bolts thread into them or do they pass through and thread into the outer fork of the B and C hoops? Cheers...
  8. Wanted
    Board-I know this has been done ad nauseum and my searches have turned up nothing but kits and an ordering form I can't open from work. Long story short, I need the just 16 Posi bolts and J Nuts for a 95 NAS Wagon. Ordered the kit from Stig and it was great but my car guy "misplaced" the door...
  9. Wanted
    I want to source a set of 4 pivot bolts for the rear swing away tire carrier for my 1995 D90 NAS. New would be ideal but used in good, non-pitted, condition would be ok. Pic attached of the ones I am looking to replace. Thanks, Rob [email protected] 310-739-9958
  10. The Flea Market
    I have a 1995 NAS D90. I need to find new pivot bolts. Picture attached of the 4 bolts that I need. Happy to pay $$. Will look at new or used in good condition. Thanks!!! [email protected] 310-739-9958
  11. Defender Technical Discussions
    How bad would it be to run the shock towers with one of the 4 bolts missing? One of the kids broke it off and would rather not take the whole shock/spring retainer apart
  12. Wanted
    Looking for a couple bits... -ST rear window clips for the retaining bar -2 hinge bolts for the ST rear tire carrier
  13. Defender Technical Discussions
    When putting these back in I read to use locktite Will enough locktite seal the bolts so they wont leak oil? or should I use something else? And I also read somewhere that 300 bolts are single use, I'm hoping this isn't true for the 200. Thanks
  14. Defender Technical Discussions
    Anyone know what size the top smaller bolts are on a td5 rear cross-member? The ones that hold the hicth.
  15. Defender Technical Discussions
    What's the best hardware to use so you don't have rust running down the galvy frame? I figure stainless for some places, rear cross member etc. But what about places like tranny cross-member, and transmission support brackets, etc, I assume you wouldn't use stainless in those places. I found...
  16. Wanted
    Would anyone happen to have a set of the following bolts for the rocker covers on a 3.5L V8? 603127 x 4 SY504072L x 4 These are the bolts that attach the rocker covers. Thanks for any help!
  17. For Sale - Parts
    110 shipped. This has been on my truck a while but now I need a 2" receiver so I am switching over.
  18. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hi Guys, Just skimming though the torque specs for my 300tdi head bolts and saw the manual stating that the tappet slider retains bolts be this totally necessary? Mine are in perfect shape, threads perfect and no corrosion or deformity, wonder why they are one time use bolts. I...
  19. For Sale - Parts
    $10 shipped. These have a hex head, brand new.
  20. Defender Technical Discussions
    Need to replace these with stainless ones, though I have to use the truck to get to the hardware store before I can take the old ones off. Anyone know what length they are? Bolts connecting middle and end pipes of the exhaust system to one another.
1-20 of 185 Results