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bikini top
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  1. Wanted
    Open to any and all configurations...aiming to convert my 110 pickup to soft top. Located in southern CA. Thanks!
  2. Wanted
    Does anyone have a bikini top for an NAS D90 that they'd like to sell?
  3. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hi all, Will a standard 110 bikini top fit a Tithonus? Thanks again!
  4. Wanted
    Hi all, I'm looking for a bikini top for 110. Anyone have one for sale or no where the best source is? Thanks!
  5. For Sale - Parts
    I'll have to dig it out of storage for pictures. Great condition. Let me know if anyone is interested. Asking $125 plus shipping. I often travel between CT and NJ, and would be happy to meet up.
  6. For Sale - Parts
    Now that I've got a gutter kit, I really don't have a use for this top anymore. It's too bad because I really liked this style vs the strapless bikini. The top was still dusty from my last camping trip which is why it looks that way in the first photo. The top isn't faded or discolored...
  7. Defender Technical Discussions
    Put my Bikini top on the One Ten last night, I noticed it has snap buttons along the over door channel, I bought it used, and not that it matters but is this a NAS thing? I don't see any Bikini tops on RN that have these snaps on them.
  8. For Sale - Parts
    Best Top bikini top. Dirty and dusty from storage, otherwise in good condition. The loops for the straps are not included. $150 plus shipping
  9. For Sale - Parts
    I have a black strapped Bestop Bikini top. It came with the trcuk when i got it in 2011. I've never used it and don't think the PO did either. Has some storage dust on the top, but pretty spotless otherwise. I have no idea what the pricing is on this, but lets try $100 OBO. Just want it gone...
  10. Wanted
    anyone have either top in good condition for sale?
  11. Wanted
    Looking to buy a nice condition Badger surrey or bikini top. Thanks
  12. For Sale - Parts
    Best Top Bikini Top Good shape except its missing one of the straps. See pics. Repair, add new strap and you are on your way. No other tears or wholes. $75 plus shipping.
  13. For Sale - Parts
    $100 Shipped Very good condition...rarely used.
  14. For Sale - Parts
    Badger red bimini top with straps in good condition, no issues. $300 shipped. Sal
  15. For Sale - Parts
    SPECS: - Badger Standard Bikini (i.e., Two portions of the top extend beyond center roll cage bar to shade driver and passenger heads from sun, elements etc.). - Top is TWILLFAST, a canvas weave (It is not the lower quality Vinyl). - Intended for NON GUTTER KIT use. Sides are secured by...
  16. For Sale - Parts
    For Sale: USED Best-top bikini top for NAS Defender 90. Dirty from hanging around the shop, but not damaged. $100. shipped in the lower 48 Pay-Pal only please. Email (not PM) to purchase: [email protected] Thank you!
  17. For Sale - Parts
    For Sale: USED Badger Coachwork strapless bikini top/ upper drop curtain and half tonneau cover. (please excuse me if some of the terminology is wrong) Black with tinted sunroof. No damage, just a little dirty from sitting around the shop. $800. shipped in the lower 48 Pay-Pal only please...
  18. Wanted
    just read the subject and it is kind of funny but that is what I want. Just a small roof to cover the front seats that doesn't have the straps going to the rear, using the snaps on the back of the bar right behind the seats. I know Badger makes one. If someone has one in really good shape...
  19. Defender Technical Discussions
    For those that have the bikini top with rear straps... where do you tie/strap off the two rear leads?
1-19 of 76 Results