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  1. Defender Technical Discussions
    I would like to mount an awning but my problem is that I have a Dormobile roof so I can't use a traditional roof rack. Has anyone used an awning gutter mount and does it work well and have long-lasting durability? I'm afraid it will break the gutter after not too much use on corrugated roads and...
  2. For Sale - Parts
    For sale is a 2.4 Hannibal awning. New and has never been installed, but has been removed from the original box. $1000 shipped to the lower 48. I will be in the shop on Monday and available to ship the first of next week. Tyler Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  3. Wanted
    Anyone have an ARB 2500 X 2500 Room Under Awning FS? ARB part number: 813104.
  4. For Sale - Parts
    I have a Hannibal 2M Awning for sale, complete with tent sides. I installed it in January for a trip to Baja so its been on my truck for only 9 months. It is in like new condition. No rips, tears or blemishes. The tent sides were installed once and are also in like new condition. The awning is...
  5. For Sale - Parts
    Hannibal 2.4 Awning - new Purchased this awning 6 months ago and never got it installed before selling vehicle. The mounts are flat as to be adapted to whatever rack you might have. $1300 for local pick up in Miami, FL or will work with shipper.
  6. Defender Technical Discussions
    Does anyone know the original maker of side mountable awning shown on the 110 3 door wagon? Rovers north part number is RNA731 and says it's made in the UK. I love that it doesn't require vertical supports. Thanks Carl
  7. For Sale - Parts
    Hello all. New here but very active on ExpeditonPortal, please no hate mail.:grin Just thought someone here might be interested in this. Its the longer one so specifically the 109/110 guys. I brought over a bunch of these for folks several years back in a group buy and I still have my 2.4...
  8. For Sale - Parts
    Never used. I opened when I got it to see it. After that it was hanged in the garage.
  9. Smaller Projects
    I did a search here & google but came up empty... I am looking to mount an ARB awning to the D90 wagon with the factory basket. Anyone have insight/pictures to share how to best secure the awning to the basket? Thanks!
  10. Wanted
    Looking into an awning and like the free-standing nature of the Hannibal. Anyone happen to have one for sale? Or know of a lead to a current dealer in the U.S.??
  11. For Sale - Parts
    RARE 1.9m HANNIBAL AWNING I recently bought this awesome awning, and then found out I’m getting laid off. So, I’m selling the awning to some deserving soul. I’m selling it at a loss, but it’s better to have the money right now. This is a 1.9 meter Hannibal awning, also known as the 2.0m...
  12. For Sale - Parts
    For Sale: - 1.2m Hannibal Roof Tent. Tent is in great condition but the cover needs to be replaced. $1100 Height: Width: Length: Weight: Opened Tent 51.8"; 47.25"; 94.5"; 110 lbs Packed Tent 11.8"; 47.25"; 47.5"; 110 lbs - 2.4m Hannibal Awning in good condition. Comes with all sides in...
  13. Wanted
    Anybody have a spare Hannibal 2M awning looking for a new home? Thanks, Dave
  14. For Sale - Parts
    Bought new a long time ago. Rarely used, Hannibal awning 1.8M, no rips, great condition if not as-new. I have it mounted to a bar that will mount under the safety devices basket on the RHD of the NAS safety devices rack setup. Asking $500.
  15. Wanted
    I can't seem to find hannibal awnings - there is always a delay with Hannibal USA. Im looking for the long 2.4M and the 1.4M awning that fits across the back. Thanks for any info.
  16. For Sale - Parts
    I have the following new in box cvt awnings for sale -99" awning (perfect for a 110) -55" awning (perfect for off the back of a defender) -bug room to hang under 99" awning Paid 775$ plus shipping but will sell for 600$...
  17. Defender Technical Discussions
    I know there has been a lot of discussion on this in the past, but has anyone found a plug and play solution to how the safety device round bars can be adapted to accept the square Hannibal mounts? Seems like the best option would be to weld a square around the round SD bars, but hoping there...
  18. Wanted
    Would love to find a used - good condition - Hannibal awning for installation on a NAS 110. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  19. For Sale - Parts
    $200 + shipping from 78681
1-19 of 30 Results