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  1. For Sale - Parts
    Driver side cover has a crack and tabs are missing on both covers. I used small washers to catch part of the tabs for mounting. Other wise Covers look nice $300 shipped Owners Manual appears to have all pages intact. Will include window sticker for an Avalon Blue LWB Classic. $70 shipped
  2. Defender & Series Truck Registry
    1959 Land Rover Series II (2018-02-12 11:41:37)
  3. For Sale - Parts
    I decided to use a LT230 Q along with my auto conversion so I am selling my BW transfer case. I bought this with the auto trans and they came from a member from the same 95 RRC. Selling for $100 which less than I paid with hope someone can use it. Comes with linkeage.
  4. For Sale - Parts
    I found 2/ea Bestop padded waterproof center console covers today, great shape, just a little dusty- how about $50/ea??
  5. For Sale - Vehicles
    I have this listed on eBay for $75k. On the forum, I would do $65k. Below is my eBay add but with some of the BS removed. Year: 1995 - North American Spec, Station Wagon - 100% CLEAN Title, actual mileage, no accidents, no hidden history, not a grey market import. Model: Defender 90 - 3...
  6. Smaller Projects
    Well that sucked. What was supposed to be a quick easy job took forever. A few boxes of straight razor blades, drill bit wire brushes, and a torch. Finally got that coating off. Amazon had a long reach razor blade to get to the inside cavity pc. Time to send it off to get sand blasted and...
  7. The Flea Market
    1995 RRC SWB No reserve, bidding is online here at Second Daily…/1995-range-rover-classic-swb/ Starting bid at $10500 - NO RESERVE AUCTION Location: Georgia VIN: Inquire Year: 1995 Make: Land Rover Model: Range Rover Classic SWB Mileage: 148k miles Engine: 3.9L V8...
  8. For Sale - Parts
    I got 2 for Christmas. Figured someone could benefit. Decent owners "shop manual". Most common tasks covered, decent technical specs, and quite a few pages of wiring schematics. Good toilet material if you are planning the next repair, or you already went through Alloy and Grit. 221 pages $25...
  9. For Sale - Vehicles
    Let me start with. This is not a 25k Classic. This is the kind of truck you can get in and enjoy. Virtually Rust Free and super well maintained. Door panels and interior are just shy of excellent... Only imperfection being the driver seat and the vinyl piece that connects the tailgate...
  10. Wanted
    This relates to a 95 RRC -- I've concluded that you can't really start the truck after removing the ECU -- I want to get mine back up running so my door locks can operate via the fob. I need to track down a replacement ECU -- which I appreciate is the same one used in the 94 and 95 Disco --...
  11. Series Technical Discussions
    I know this is a RRC question, but I've become comfortable on this forum over the years. Can I get thoughts on the best (and not over the top expensive) manuals to use for minor fixes and various maintenance projects on a 95 RRC (taking dashboard apart to replace bulbs, switches, and what...
  12. Smaller Projects
    I asked a lot of questions of this forum before embarking on this project so I thought I would show how it ended up... I put 2 10" JL subs in custom boxes under the rear jump seats. They sound amazing! JL Amp in cubby box and no head unit as I did a bluetooth controller for my phone (didnt...
  13. Defender Technical Discussions
    Issue: Temp gauge bottomed out on "C" at all times Knowns: 1) Gauge does not move from rest under any driving/temp conditions, not even a bump 2) Wire to bullet connector thermistor on intake manifold is getting between 9.5-10v from gauge 3) when wire to thermistor is grounded out, gauge does...
  14. For Sale - Parts
    NAS 94-97 NEW GENUINE Frame. Hot Dipped Galvanized 2800.00 plus freight to business address. LIST IS 3400 Call 540-462--7353 if interested.
  15. For Sale - Vehicles
    Purchased this from a forum member and did quite a bit of repair/upgrades.Been using as a daily driver for about 2 months.Very solid example looks great and drives even better no money needed to enjoy. 14 years ago the carfax shows a total loss,no info on why but the truck is safe and sound does...
  16. The Flea Market
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  17. Wanted
    Looking for the front metal inner door panels that came on 1995+ trucks that the regulators bolt to. They changed again in 2002+. Either style will work as long as they are matching. I figure maybe someone that has went to Puma doors has upgraded. Also looking for matching window glass. I...
41-57 of 500 Results