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  1. New guy, potential Defender owner :)

    Say Hello! New Member Intros.
    Hi all, Here we go, another newbie. I've never struggled with the decision to purchase a vehicle like I am now, so figured I should seek some expert advice/opinions. I don't have experience with Defenders, but have always had the utmost respect for them...they are badass after all. I'm...
  2. Question about '97 D90 MFU

    Defender Technical Discussions
    I had someone on eBay ask me if the Multi Function Unit found on later DI's (AMR5360 to be exact) is the same unit found in '97 D90's. I looked through my parts manuals and the LRCat but couldn't find anything that looked like the MFU. The customer said there was a box similar to the MFU...
  3. Hose diameter for D90 NAS heater

    Defender Technical Discussions
    Hey all. I'm planing to bypass the heater in my 94 NAS D90 this weekend. In preparation, I'll need some hose couplers, clamps, and maybe an elbow or U-turn hose (for lack of a better term). I thought I'd find easy info on this, but amazingly did not. Question: what size hoses are they? Is...
  4. Defender 90, 300 tdi R380 and LHD

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Hey ya'll, I'm new to the forums but have a truck to sell so I thought I would post it up here for the first time. I have a 1985 Defender 90 that's clean and ready to go. It's up in Minneapolis on Craigslist here: Basic...
  5. 1991 LHD Defender 90 Tdi Heritage Soft Top

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Another one done : Fully restored LHD Defender 90 200 Tdi soft top in HERITAGE style . Repaint in Heritage Mocca This is a LHD matching nrs truck, original frame in very clean condition, import from the south of France. Zero rot on the bulkhead and floors. Recent work carried out : Strip...
  6. 1991 LHD Defender 90 V8 Heritage Soft Top

    For Sale - Vehicles
    New project almost done ... Restored 1991 LHD Defender 90 3.5 Litre V8 soft top in HERITAGE style ( with AC !!) Full repaint in Heritage grey. This is a matching nrs truck, original frame in very clean condition, imported from southern europe and rebuild in our shop. zero rot on the bulkhead...
  7. 2007 parts fitment to early 1990's

    Defender Technical Discussions
    Hello all, I have been fortunate to have access to a crashed 2007 110 (I believe this is a puma) to remove parts. however I have a 1993 90 200tdi and without doing quite a bit of research, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what parts I can strip quickly to fit to my truck. unfortunately...
  8. NAS 90 body parts

    Customer's LE hit a sturdy object with the right front. Looking for inner and outer fender, hood, grill surround, bumper and Camel Trophy brush guard. Thanks for looking! Trevor
  9. 1990 Defender 110 - Price/Advice?

    The Flea Market
    Hi, I'm selling a RHD Defender 110 hardtop, 119,711 miles, ex-MoD. It was imported from the UK in February this year, and has been registered and titled by the Florida DHSMV and VIN checked. It's completely stock, no modifications whatsoever, and has even been confirmed by Land Rover's historic...
  10. Recommended Fluids/Maintenance for 1992 LHD Defender 90

    Defender Technical Discussions
    I recently purchased a 1992 Defender 90 (left hand drive) with 160,000 miles. I’m looking for some recommendations on what services I should do, proactively. Currently it runs very well, only minor issue is it’s a bit rough downshifting from 3rd to 2nd. Thanks in advance.
  11. FS Defender 90 Restored

    For Sale - Vehicles
    This RHD beautiful Limestone 1989 200 TDI 90 is available now for sale. It has been given a frame off restoration. Nice quiet 200 tdi with plenty of power. New body panels all around. New doors, interior, suspension, brakes, lights etc etc. Buy it for $55K.
  12. FS Restored D90 soft top ROW

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Fully rebuilt frame off restoration. Not done by Himalaya. This is a trade in. It has however been beautifully done. 2.5 na diesel runs quiet and perfectly. Truck is tight, quiet and looks lovely. New body panels all around. New interior seats for six, new carpet, new top, new black boost...
  13. New Galvy NAS D90 Rear 1/4 Chassis

    For Sale - Parts
    I have new NAS D90 Galvy rear 1/4 chassis left Can be yours for $950/delivered
  14. 1997 D90 Ignition Cylinder with 5 keys

    For Sale - Parts
    Hello all, Available for purchase is a known good 1997 D90 ignition cylinder. It comes with 5 matching keys and original key tags. $75 shipped in continental US. Call/Text 7277421093 Best, Parker
  15. Defender 90 Hoop Set & Canvas

    For Sale - Parts
    Defender 90 3/4 Cab fit hoop set & Black canvas (no Side Windows) Good condition. Hoop set is straight, no issues, damage or corrosion. Canvas is slightly sun bleached (call it 9/10) with no rips, holes or damage. $600 Shipped CONUS (New to the forum. Tried to do a little research and...
  16. NAS 90 fuel tank package (new pump, new rollover valves, etc)

    For Sale - Parts
    Nice NAS 90 fuel tank with brand new pump assembly and new heat shield. I put -6 AN fittings on the fuel pump. I'll include a couple stainless hoses with it that have matching fittings. Also includes new rollover valves with new seals and an extra locking ring. $500 plus shipping (to estimate...
  17. 1989 Defender 90, 200tdi, LHD, $37,500, South Florida.

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Time to let her go, I love this thing, I have lots of money, time, beers, and really good memories with it... but need something with more space to haul the kids and gear. Mechanically wise is perfect, starts up every time. Really honest Defender, they did a great job on the paint. No dents...
  18. NAS D90 fiberglass hard top cache

    For Sale - Parts
    We have collected a horde of these over the years. I counted seven roof panels and believe most pieces are there for 7 complete roofs. Many are cracked in various places however and this is being offered as a lot, as is. I make no guarantee that you will get even one complete uncracked roof out...
  19. Wtb: 1997 nas d90 st

    Hey guys, have a client looking for a nice driver-quality '97 soft top. Color choice in order is white, green, blue, black. Some work needed is fine, no rust though. As close to original as possible. please email me at [email protected] or PM me here. TIA
  20. Tips needed for seized rear seat belts 1994 D90 NAS

    Defender Technical Discussions
    Hey all. Any tips out there for getting the rear seat belts working? They appear in good condition, no visual rust. They are locked in, fully retracted. Odd that both are acting this way. Hoping that someone know if an unlock trick as my kids are jonesing to take a ride in it (I waited 6...