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Land Rover
Defender 90
Arles Blue
1994 D90 # 1646
From Oct 2013 - previous owner description: 1994 Defender 90. This truck is in very nice shape with no rust. It is equipped with the r-380 transmission. I've spent quite a but of time and money over the years building it. It has a quality Rovertym lift and suspension on it including aftermarket shocks and stabilizer. I also installed Great Basin rovers plugged diffs with 443 ashcrofts. It is equipped with on board air and air lockers front and rear. It also has GBR double cardin drive shafts front and rear. Also, is a Mantec raised air intake, 35" mud tires, Tuffy center console, winch and winch bumper, steel skid plate, rock sliders, checker plate hood and fenders, marine speakers, dual optima batteries, custom storage boxes and a bimini top. Recently I replaced the clutch and pressure plate, fuel pump, clutch slave and master cylinder, rear main seal, all brakes/rotors including parking brake shoes, rebuilt pitman arm, hood release cable and every fluid in the truck. The top is about in need of replacing. I had planned on doing it before next winter. The seat bottoms are starting to show some wear. This truck is solid. I have done all the work on it myself since the day I bought it some years ago. I'm real happy how the gearing turned out. I believe I was the first guy to get a set of 443s and was somewhat nervous about it. They are perfect. The truck has no problem with highway speeds but the gearing is plenty low for the large tires. ---The truck has new wires, plugs, cap, etc.
1994 Land Rover Defender 90 (Arles Blue)


New K&N Air Filter installed July 2015. New Water Pump, new temp sender, new Alternator June 2016. 2 new Batteries (dual) installed Jan 2016. Repair manifold to exhaust pipe gasket - April 2016 (cured CEL light). August 2017, new fuel filter - Sept 9 2017, new Starter.
Door Cards and sound deadening material installed. Net Mats all the way around.

12-26-2016 - I received my Exmoor seats from Rovers North a couple months back. It took them about 4 months or so since I had ordered for them to arrive (FYI). I needed seats badly. The original seats, which I will post here in the classifieds section for free (you pay shipping, see details there) were just worn out and needed replaced. The drivers side seat needed the help of a 4x4 block of wood behind it to keep it upright as the metal frame had broken!

I took the last couple months to work on my D90 with the goals of running a new fuse box to finally power some of the add on's I wanted to add. To get into my garage, I had to deflate my tires, remove the snorkel top and make sure I had a spotter to double check clearances.

First I added an LED light bar on the front bumper plus I wanted some under the hood lighting. Next I had no interior lighting nor any substantial rear back up lighting. Added.

I wanted to make sure some of the higher current-draw-lighting, pulling from a separate fuse box...installed under the passenger seat. Lastly, I wanted to switch my radiator fan on and off with a switch so I could manage both engine temp and any higher water crossings with said switch.

I already had ARB locker switches in place so I simply re-mounted those in the new dash panel I bought on eBay from Bolt On Bits (RDX Command Console Land Rover Defender 90/110 Dashboard)

Last to be fitted were the seats; which drastically improved the looks and comfort of the truck inside - and wow to that! I ran dedicated lines to the seats for the heated seating.

8-1-2017: New VDO gauges for Temp, Tach and Fuel.

Sept 2018: new door seals (both sides), New vent seals, Rubber.
New (old stock) - Best Top installed August 2015 - New 9500Lbs Winch Installed July 2015. July 1st 2018, Lightly used Badger top installed - wow what an upgrade! New Windshield and seal - August 2018.
12-26-2016 - Considering new tires - I am running 35's but might prefer something a little smaller (33-34's). - Sept 2017 - ended up with BFG M/T's and stayed with the 35 inchers! What a difference in road noise (much quieter now)
July 1st 2018- broken shock, another leaking - will replace all four -FOX SHOCK PS, IFP + 2 INCH

All new ball joints (Drag line, front and back). Sept 2017, Replaced Diff gear oil front and back.
Wheel and Tire
New Transmission, Clutch, Throwout bearing, trans. mounts installed (R380) Aug 25th 2015 - 95,125 miles. Re-done transfer case seals May 2016. And ANOTHER clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing and slave, 99,000 miles! I learned the previous installer had my diff locked and the lever appeared to be in the unlocked position. When I finally got sick of the wheel hop on turns, I tried like hell to move the selector only to have it completely disconnect the linkage.... ugh. 99,300 had to get clutch adjusted. Was full out and was slipping.



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