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Land Rover
Defender 90
Alpine White
Original owner purchased it in Westfield Massachusetts, and after a brief stint in California- spent the last 10 years in the South. I found the truck advertised by an independent Ferrari dealer back in 2010, and after a fairly thorough evaluation- pulled the trigger. It was equipped with a factory fiberglass top at the time of purchase, Warn winch, and a cat-back Corsa exhaust system. Otherwise, stock down to the factory tape player. Surprisingly, the truck had very little rust- quite a bit less than I'd seen on others. The bed rail capping had a few spots of surface rust, and the floor pans were corroded where they met the bulkhead; the culprit being the factory "acoustic" foam mat that likes to soak up water and eat floorboards. Thanks to several treatments of Waxoyl over the years, the entire undercarriage looked very clean. The truck is well documented, with service records back to purchase.

If you recognize the truck from 95'-10', please PM me- I'd love to uncover more of it's story.
1995 Land Rover Defender 90 (Alpine White)


Stock 3.9/R380/LT230 with 156k miles, and full Amsoil fluids. Trailhead 4x4 Stainless Steel Oil Cooler Lines. Running strong, although the transfer case will need to rebuilt soon (starting to get get whine), the compression checks good on all cylinders and the R380 is still holding up fine. Might rebuild it with the LT230 when the time comes, just out of convenience.
Trailhead 4x4 T304 SS Y-pipe with Random Tech bullet cats, leading into a custom, mandrel bent and TIG welded cat-back using T304 and a sweet Dynomax VT muffler. Loud if heavy into the throttle, quiet (relatively of course) when not. Very, very pleased with the outcome.
Full Exmoor 3-piece matting system. LR 36-spline leather steering wheel (NLA) outfitted (not shown). YRM battery and utility aluminum seat boxes installed as the factory versions had begun to corrode.
Floor boards, lower bulkhead, and seatbox assembly cleaned and repainted. Full stainless steel hardware kit installed.
Pioneer head unit with a full array of MB Quart products (Pictures coming).
Relatively stock; Titan Grey Badger II top that I had made to custom specifications by Chris Laws. Appreciated the flexibility that the "II" provided with it's roll-up sides, but didn't care for the shortened window length. Chris being a good friend, worked with me to expand the window size within the limits of the design. Visibility was increased, and I prefer the look.
Brand new (NTO) SW doors installed to replace the uninsulated, rattling, inferior ST doors yielding a significant reduction in noise, and eliminating the rust threat.
Stock brush guard and bumper with Hella 4000's mounted.
Stock Freestyles mounted w/ Bridgestone Dueler A/T D693 II. Very underrated AT tire.
Bilstein Shocks with factory springs, and full poly bushings.



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