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General Information

Land Rover
ExMOD 110
Was CARC green, now black and Tan
RHD exMOD 3 door hard top.
There was about 150,00 km on the clock when I made the purchase, but I don't know anything about the life it lived before I got to it. Just that it was a military vehicle.
1987 Land Rover ExMOD 110 (Was CARC green, now black and Tan)


200tdi that I was able to install by myself with the help of you wonderful people. I am still having transmission issues, but at least the engine runs. Two steps forward, one step back.

To do:
Rebuild LT77
Replace clutch
Clean up engine
Tune engine
Full Exmoor trim black carpet, seats, and door cards. Re-dyed all original interior parts to a bright black.

Right hand drive.

I used peel and seal all throughout cockpit area and insulated the firewall, doors and transmission tunnel with aluminum backed foam.

The bed has been Herculined in black. It honestly didn't turn out how I would like it, so I will remove it down the line. It was free and it certainly looks better than the flaking CARC that was there before, so I'm not out anything more than a couple hours of my time from the install.

To Do:
insulate and carpet interior walls
Re-line bed
2x rear seats and seatbelts
Add Ipad sound system
Mudd center dash
Locking center cubby
Bulkhead removal bar
Started life with every inch, inside and out, covered in faded, green CARC paint. The paint was too far gone to save, so I went through the very long process of removing the chemical resistant paint with chemical paint remover by hand. Definitely the most time consuming way to remove the paint, but also probably the cheapest. I coated the truck in Rustoleum gloss tan and black as a temporary solution for when I get the money to do a real paint job.

To Do:
Professionally repaint
Rock sliders
Skid plate
Mountings for sand ladders and Hi-Lift jack
Window for rear left side. (massive blind spot)
5 Stock Michelin XZL's. 7.5 inches wide. They all seem to be in amazing shape. The spare still has the blue chalk and little rubber "tails"

Wolf rims, painted CARC green... I sprayed them with some flat black PlastiDip that I had lying around. That way I can easily remove it when I decide what I want to do with them.

To Do:
16x8 with beadlocks
285/75/R16 tires
Old Man Emu 2.5 inch suspension lift. The entire underside is coated in a thick layer of black grease from the original 2.5 NA engine, so it was spared from any rust.

To Do:
Replace all underside rubber.
Wheel and Tire
This truck is definitely a slow renew.

Work Done:
200 tdi swap
All LED external lights
Full exmoor front interior
Full stainless steel bolt replacement
Brand new grille and headlamp surrounds
200tdi snorkel
OME 2.5 inch suspension lift
Full transfer case rebuild

Sometime in the distant future, when I have a garage, I would like to pull it apart entirely and do a nut and bolt update from the ground up. But as I don't have a place to store all of the parts, I will have to wait.



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