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Land Rover
Series III
This is a former Royal Navy EOD truck, brought into RN service in 1977 and shipped into the US on 2013 to meet up with its Royal Navy owner in the DC area. it had a respray, but farm standard, new hoops, canvas and tailgate in 2013. Between the Navy and here it had one previous owner who trudged around a farm on the outskirts of London England before I got it. Any one who's had one knows they are a blast to drive and a real head turner - she has been trouble free except one incident that resulted in a new fuel pump, which fixed nothing, but the $3 condenser did. That will teach me to go for the fancy option first!
1977 Land Rover Series III (Green)


Clean as a whistle. This girl has been well maintained though out. Original oil bath air filter, straight forward you can't bend it Zenith carb. No blowing oil except a slight weep on the front crankshaft seal. Original rivets are still in the seal retainer down there so its the original one. No surprise it leaks a little. Like an old Sea King helicopter, its when it stops leaking you worry cuz that's when you've run out!
As original though new front seats put in in Jan 13. Oh yeah, and the steering wheel is on the same side as the 4WD and low/hi gear shift. its on the right.
Good straight aluminum panels. Very tidy underneath with no rust. I had the floor pans pout in summer 14, put a breather hose on the main box to try and reduce the drips. It worked nicely and made at least that bit wader capable.
The only worn part on this wagon, still good old 7.5 inch tires, but getting to the end of their time.
Original too, giving it a classic 'solid' ride but at least the capacity to load it up with a ton and still move along okay.
Wheel and Tire
I need to sell this Landy - I am under orders to post back to the UK in the summer 2015. Looking for offers IRO $18 000 but wide open if any one is interested



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