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General Information

Land Rover
Series IIA 109 Station Wagon
Nicely faded blue ;)
Deluxe 12 seater
Spent first part of it's life in South Africa.
Used on a safari game park in TX.
Used as a tour vehicle in AZ.
Many owners over the years (including a well known Overland writer).
Just keeps going and going and going...
1971 Land Rover Series IIA 109 Station Wagon (Nicely faded blue ;))


Stock 2.25L Petrol with updated rebuilt Rochester (late 40s Chev 216) carb., updated Pertronix ignition, updated AC Delco Alt. conversion.
Updated used cloth Moorland seats from a 110. Full set of three point inertia reel seat belts for front and middle seating (rear inwards have all 6 lap belts too). Updated VDO oil and volt gauges. Hi-lift, shovel, axe mounted to floor under middle row seats.
Factory galv full roof rack added (cut down that upper basket section so it'll fit in garages and under low trees etc). Warn hi/lo H4 spots/driving lights added. HD bullbar bumper (bumper was welded up tight to hold extra oil if needed). Wing top protectors.
16" rims with BFG AT LT235/85R16
Parabolic springs.
Wheel and Tire
I've done a lot of work to it. When I got it, none of the gauges worked, the lights didn't work, the brakes had been installed wrong, the carb. was the wrong size, the timing wasn't correct, the points had been adjusted wrong, the valves had been way off, the steering relay was bone dry, numerous electric hazards (too many to list), the stock generator was grinding and couldn't keep up when the heater fan came on with the lights, and the ball joints had some nasty clunks and needed to be replaced. This is probably a typical condition find for most series owners... and a real testament to the longevity of these old dinosaurs... they just keep going even when, mechanically speaking, they shouldn't.

She's running nice now though... for a 44 year old. ;)



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