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Land Rover
Defender 90 NAS #10 CDN
AA Yellow
None Bare Bones
Hello There

Well where do I start.

History the the truck was purchased by a brother or sister of the Land Rover Dealership Lawrence Park in Toronto in 1994.
It stayed in the family switching hands several times until they sold it to a software animator whom I purchased it from about 6 years ago.

The first time I took it to the local sand dunes I came back and the truck was absolutely dusty. As I do not have a roof on it I took it to the detailing place as a simple car wash was not possible. So a junior guy took it upon himself to detail it. Well he certainly did,... took by accident Brake dust remover to the paint an basically stripped the paint off the truck in several places.
Me .... In tears calling the police they took a report and off to insurance as it was basically ruined in my eyes. The insurance company told me to take it to a Land Rover Dealership and only authorized Aluminum certified body shop in the West end and most of Canada. So they had it for months to do a full body Restoration. All the panels were straight to start on it and what needed replacing they would call me and I would get it for them. I got a call from them that they misplaced the bolts of the car and I got them a complete Stainless set of bolts to reassemble the truck.
So body wise the truck is in perfect straight condition and no fillers were used all. I asked them not to put the factory side steps back on as they were rusty and and I have never been a believer of those. I still have them though come with the truck if wanted. Tires are the original set of tires that came with the truck with nipples still on the side on the original rims. (Boost I think)

The interior Original seats original rubber carpets and floor mats. I replaced the cubby box as it was not up to par with locking it and so forth it is how it came from the factory. I just wanted something that when I go to the mall some kid will not be able to reach in and take anything out of it. So there is a Tuffy Box in there right now. I put in a new stereo and a sub woofer the original speakers are installed.
The cubby box and I think the stereo I still have on hand that would come with the truck if wanted. Stereo not 100% though.
The interior of the truck has the side rail protection installed that is so hard to find in a 90. Not even the most seasoned D90 drivers know that this part existed and when they see it the look "oh wow I never Knew" my truck never had this.

Lets start on the equipment. The truck was bought with the original soft top that had 6 rips in it and the windows bleached. First thing I replaced it with was a new Rovers North Softy Greatest and easiest soft top ever.

Then I though what the heck and look for a hard top I did and found one in Philadelphia Picked it up. Then Last summer ordered a surrey top from England for the summer too. The Hard top is an 8-9 out of 10 and has no breaks or leaks on it. I bought new rubber seals all around and new hardware too to fit the ruck right.

The only other thing is the roof rack I found an original Saftey Devises roof rack for the truck from a friend and bolted it on along with some new HID Lightforce lights with filters.

The truck never sees bad weather has not been off road-ed by me or since it was restored.

Mechanically it has a 5 speed transmission LT77 and a rock solid transfer case there are no leaks on the garage floor where it is parked daily. The truck was tuned up at 129000 kms (in the summer 2015) and had new plugs filters and all fluids exchanged all fault checks have been checked and only the oxygen sensor on the exhaust was faulty. (Replaced September )
I store the vehicle on blocks from October to May in Niagara Falls with the Land Rover mechanic as he has a heated storage place for luxury and exotic cars. Mine fits in quite nicely. So currently it has 131000 KMs on it and that is about 65kmiles.

If I was to say the honest opinion of this truck. I looks unstoppable and is unstoppable I would get into it tomorrow and drive it anywhere any distance. The way people stare at it is unbelievable and it has caused more than 5 accidents from people staring at it and not realizing there are slower or stopped cars ahead of them. To make this truck 100% I would exchange the base or the cushion of the drivers seat as it is frayed a little on the side. Still does not affect the drive-ability but if you wanted a new seat bottom it would be the only thing I would change.

All I know is that it is dependable, straight, reliable, eye catching and more fun to drive than my Porsche or my wives Mercedes.
1994 Land Rover Defender 90 NAS #10 CDN (AA Yellow)


Motor and Drive train is 100% stock.
Interior was all original when purchased.
The Cubby box was added after the fact from Tuffy Box.

The rear Speaker covers were a little deformed. Needed replacing.
Having the truck detailed at a professional company. They managed to mix up bottles of cleaners and brake dust remover was used on the exterior of the vehicle. Destroying the original paint job.
Stock Boost Rims with Original Tires in very good condition
Suspension is original and stock
Wheel and Tire
Has a new soft top and new Bimini Roof.
Came with orignal roof and opted for the more user friendly Rovers North.



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