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Land Rover
110 Country
I bought her on March 4th ( March Forth! ) She needs rear breaks and a turn indicator stalk in order to pass the required inspections.
She is a great candidate for a slow renovation, i.e. I can drive her while she's under the knife.
I bought her from a British couple here in Southwest France, they have had her since 2002. The original owners bought her in England and owned it there. I am the third owner.
1989 Land Rover 110 Country (Blue)


The turbo looks original, in a scary way. The clock shows close to 300k miles. Once it's registered and insured, I'm going to change every ounce of fluid on the old girl and start tightening it's various linkages.
There is a ton of work. I'll take photo's of it as it progresses.
She definitely needs a new dress as it were. The interior was neglected for quite a while. After removing the front seats there was an inch of accumulated...stuff. It hopefully protected the metal from intrusive rust. The rear seats and the back benches have good frames, but the material is spent, rips and tears.
Surprisingly the dash and door panels are good.
The headliner is bagging, and mildew-y. I've read that the best cleaning method for headliner is using baby-wipes. I don't know who figured that out, but I'm glad it wasn't me. Changing diapers was bad enough way back when, I can't imagine the ensuing sh&5T- storm that required that solution.
Not bad overall, the front door pillars are toast, but she seems to have escaped severe damage to the outriggers and frame below. There are a few bruises here and there in the usual spots. Leading edge of the front wing, rear corner below bumper.
The underbody mounted steps are toast. Rigid from rust and coats of paint. I was thinking of replacing them with bar steps, but I think I want to keep it as a renovation to original, so I'll install four new black folding steps.
Basic over-sized monsters. Hard rubber and spotty chrome wheels.
Frame looks surprisingly good. I'm going to pressure wash it and then coat it with Hammerall undercoating. The front shocks were just changed and the towers looked pretty good. I wire brushed and wire wheeled (drill mounted) the tow bar set-up. Then wiped it clean with acetone, then painted it by brush with a gloss black metal paint. Good result. I cut off the British Trailer Plug socket, and will wire in a French compliant one shortly.



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