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Showcase cover image for Jon_Winningham's 1993 Land Rover Defender 110

General Information

Land Rover
Defender 110
NAS Beluga Black
Sold 05/13/2013

2nd owner, no rust, changed color to Beluga Black, and upgraded to the LR 4.6 V8, with R380 transmission

I bought it from TLR in November 2006. TLR bought it from the original Oklahoma owner.
I was told that the original owner's house was hit by a tornado. All of the left side body panels had dents, but the right side was nice. The hood and roof had some hail damage too. We found a lot of glass during the disassembly.
The title is clean, and I am listed as the second owner.
Before the tornado I believe that this D110 was a 9.5/10. The original owner took very good care of it. I wanted a nice rust free D110 that I could change the color on. This D110 was a perfect candidate for a color change. At one time I wanted to restore it to factory, but I do not like white (sorry fellow Alpine White owners).

Kyle Caskey and Kermit Krantz did most of the work. I helped where I could, but my main job was the logistics of the project. Ordering parts (genuine LR parts only), scheduling each step with third parties, ect.
Lindan Auto did the paint work, and High Performance Coatings powder coated the cage, sliders, and a few other bits. The owner of Lindan Auto is a good friend of Kermits, so special attention was given. But, they do top notch work on restoring classic cars. Lindan Auto works on all Land Rovers, and is a great independent shop alternative.
Kyle had just built a very large, very well equipped shop. Kermit's NAS D110 (#73/500) was parked in the shop next to mine the whole time as live a reference guide during the project (the parts book and shop manual help too). Kyle and Kermit have been around, owned, and worked on NAS Defenders since 1993. They are both very particular about their work.
We had a lot of fun with the project.

2011 Update:
All work done by Kevin Curtis of RoverTechs of Scottsdale, AZ.
Kevin is a Land Rover trained tech with over 15 years of experience working on Defenders. He moved to the US from England about 10 years ago. He worked as a tech at LR Scottsdale and now an independent at his shop he shares with another LR tech.

1. 4.6 LR block new
2. Hydraulic Lifters
3. Heads overhaul, port, and polish
4. Manifold ceramic coat black
5. Fuel Injectors new/overhaul
6. New R380 Transmission, and V8 Bell-housing R380 shift knob, and oil lines
7. Clutch, throughout bearing
8. LT230Q rebuilt kept the transfer case’s 1.4 ratio
9. Motor and Transmission rubber bushings
10. Radiator aluminum
11. Water Pump Genuine LR
12. Thermostat
13. Hoses All (oil cooler, coolant and new hose clamps)
14. Belts (saved old ones for emergency back up)
15. Tensioner Pulleys
16. Oil Cooler Lines (
17. Power Steering hose Lines
18. Swivel Balls fix leak/seep completely rebuilt/over hauled
19. Insulate Pipes, hoses, and wires (protect from heat) (Summit)
20. Tighten/Check suspension bolts
21. Suspension Bushings new install
22. Shocks, and Steering Damper Bilstein
23. Tie Rod End new install
24. Tint Windows
25. Anti-Seize spark-plugs, and all bolts

Link to more pictures:
1993 Land Rover Defender 110 (NAS Beluga Black)



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