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General Information

Land Rover
90 RHD
Nato Green and Tan
Vehicle spent its entire time in Cyprus, was released in 2011 from the MOD at Withams, was bought by a previous gentleman.
1986 Land Rover 90 RHD (Nato Green and Tan)


2.5 NA with original 54K miles
Engine replace 4/14 with MOD refurbished take out engine with 0 miles.
PAS (added, all new components)
Stock (with some add ons: cubby box, floor mats, Saab seats, wolf rear seats)
Cyprus Colours (will get a respray) headlight surrounds, radiator muff, light guards, civvy towing package (electronics) and military towing (electronics), military and civvy tow hook, steering guard
Stock steel withMichelin XZL 7.50 x 16 (replacing with Wolf wheels)
Wheel and Tire
This is a list of work/parts that been have done/replaced since release from the MOD.

Previous Owner
New HD Battery 6th April 2011
Replace headlights and bowls 30th April 2011
Pre MOT work 6th May 2011
New front seats
New Front Door Seals 1st June 2011
Fit Steering Guard 20th July 2011
Replacement steering lock and ignition switch 20th June 2011
Engine Oil Change 19th July 2011
Change windscreen upper and lower seals 10th September 2011
Change Air Filter 6th November 2011
Change Anti-Freeze 25th November 2011
Replace Speedo cable (One piece) 12th December 2011
Replace Clutch master cylinder and fluid 14th December 2011
Paint rear tub Feb-12
Replace door hinge bolts with Stainless steel ones Mar-12
Replace front door locks and mechanism Jul-12
Change fuel filter Jul-12
Fit new door locks and striker plates Jul-12
Wolf Seats rear and seat belts

Current Owner
Nov 2012 RAD/HAZ kit $25
Nov 2012 Cubby Box $100
Nov 2012 Radiator Muff $50
Nov 2012 Starter $400
Dec 2012 Oil pan gasket $200
Dec 2012 Rear main seal
Dec 2012 Oil change
Mar 2013 Snorkel Rebel 4X4 $175
Jan 2013 PAS (all new components from Land Rover $1000.00)
PAS Steering box
PAS Pump
2.5N/A PAS pump mounting bracket (replaces alternator bracket)
Reservoir and Mounting bracket
High-pressure pipe (pump to box)
Return pipe (box to res)
Feed pipe (res to pump)
Drive belt
Apr 2013 PAS Install and modification to bracket $400
Apr 2013 Wolf snow/air intake cowl/cover $50
Aug 2013 MPH speedo New $100 Dec 2013
Aug 2013 New Headlight Upgrades $100
Aug 2013 New Wolf towing reinforcing plate $45
Nov 2013 New wheel arches $100
Nov 2013 Interior rear and exterior body /fix and re-spray Nov 2013 $2000
Dec 2013 Wolf Door Cards/handles $500
Dec 2013 New drivers mirror $25
Dec 2013 Brake server/vacuum pump
Feb 2014 Refurbished engine MOD with new speedometer installed MPH $1200



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