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Showcase cover image for Exmod for sale.  Make me an offer.  Currently in V

General Information

Land Rover
110 3 door hardtop
Military paint scheme with partial redo
The preventative maintenance and custom add-ons 'package'
Rust free, including bulkhead. Truck on US east coast presently in VT, I'm out west in WA. I got my other 110 back, I don't have room or extra money, so this is for sale. Too much invested, so somebody else will get a good deal at my expense. And I have all receipts and importation paperwork. One of the better exmods out there. Low mile green engine. Taylor Congleton has gone over this and almost nothing needs done now. Keep checking back as I will post more photos and details when I get them. If this truck doesn't move real soon, it will probably come out to WA state. It will be for sale if it moves to WA.
1987 Land Rover 110 3 door hardtop (Military paint scheme with partial redo)


2.5 NA green engine. Almost all seals have been redone. Known for not necessarily winning the race, but being dependable. This particular one has been rated by the guy I got it from and his buyer in UK as solid in the 60-65 MPH range. The mechanics shop also had some test drives and reported no concerns.
New Exmoor vinyl grey seats. Cubby box. Picture taken before floors and doors rhino lined. Quieter now and water/chemical proof. Also added LR floor mats. All electrical works, steering and power train components work. I left the rear radio rack in (radios were stripped prior), but the rack can be easily removed.
Mostly untouched. Backup light and work lamps added. Vertical line near left front door I think is some paint item.
Military spec Michelin XZL's (or some similar model number perhaps) on steel wheels. I suspect these are the tube type, have not confirmed what previous owners after military did. Of course a spare on the bonnet (or is it a hood) top. I'm told about 80% left on the tyres (or is it tires).
Added new LR +50mm springs and TF shocks, even steering damper.
Wheel and Tire
Waxoyled frame inside and out, rhino lined footwells and rear floor and sides of wheel wells and front doors. Backup light and switch added and work lamps and brush bar. Has Wolf radiator grille and also some headlamp guards. Has rubber mat not pictured in cargo area and rubber floor mat not pictured up front.

This truck is for sale, as I have two other Rovers. They may be for sale later as I'm getting disenchanted with all things Rover. Buyer will get no funny business, you are welcome to assess independently. All paperwork, including receipts. Current Vermont licence. I can supply you some references in Rover community about me.



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