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General Information

Land Rover
Original LHD Saudi Spec with A/C, shipped directly to Dubai. Owned by two or three people in UAE. Records show that it was once kitted out with everything you need for desert adventure.

Was imported to England, and the owner lived in London. Lots of records of parking tickets and work done on the car. The owner left lots of travel records showing stops in Germany, Russia (probably Ukraine) Turkey, etc... Upon looking up the owner, we find that at the time he was on archeological digs in Turkey and Iraq. He is, or was the curator for Middle East Studies at the London Museum, an expert on the city of Ur.

The vehicle was then purchased by a dealer, and probably sat for a while before some mates of an ex-pat now living in B.C. Canada found it for him and got it put into a container for the trip across the pond.

Due to the vehicle not being as good at towing as they had hoped, and because of health issues, the owner let it sit for over a year before deciding to sell it.

After confirming that the vehicle was original, had lots of records, an was traceable back to registration in various countries with various owners, I decided to go get it. I drove it across to the USA myself, and came directly home with it that night.

These trucks had the same interior as the NAS 110's.
1988 Land Rover 110 (Blue)


Original 3.5 V8
Good seats, good headliner, OK doors, bad dash.

The A/C unit died at one point, and I think it may have leaked all over in the ducting, causing the rust in the bulkhead. The system was gutted, never replaced, and the dash was pieced together.

Oddly enough, everything but the A/C works.
Blue repaint, should be Shire Blue. Needs some corrosion work done on it, but the truck looks pretty good.
Steels. 7.50x16 Michelin XPS.
Old, needs new shocks, but I think the springs may be a bit of a heavy duty range.
Wheel and Tire
Planning on making this the family camping vehicle. Not going to go all-out, but may put a Tdi in at some point, lots of storage, and other bits to make it easy to go camping on a spur of the moment.



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