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Showcase cover image for "Beast" -So named by my Wife

General Information

Land Rover
Defender 110 NAS - Number 12 of 25 (CDN)
Alpine White
Original - As Supplied by Factory
I am, and continued to be the Original Owner until 13 August 2019. This Vehicle was purchased NEW with 46 Km on the Odometer on 19 August 1993 from the Land Rover Dealer, Lawrence Park Motors, in Toronto, Ontario. The VIN is: SALDH1283PA922133, and the attached Plaque reads 12/25. And YES, this is the actual and authentic 12/25 CDN. The vehicle was not involved in any collision. Whatever dings and dents received in parking lots remain as is. Currently, (13 July 2019), the Odometer accurately reads 184,070 Km, or 114,376 miles, when converted. All the milage was incurred by me, and, me alone. After 26 years of ownership, the vehicle has now been SOLD.
1993 Land Rover Defender 110 NAS - Number 12 of 25 (CDN) (Alpine White)


Original 3.9 liter gasoline engine in very good operating condition. After the very first oil change, I had the dealer replace ALL the fluids on the vehicle with synthetics. I continued to exclusively use synthetics to this day on all my vehicles. I am a Chemist and I have used synthetics on all my vehicles since 1969. At present it still gets very good gas milage with premium fuels. On average, 20 miles/U.S. Gallon, and around 21.5 miles/U.S. Gallon highway driving. I know, this sounds to good to be true, however, that is the case. Also, in Ontario a vehicle must be tested for emissions every two years in order to be Registered to drive. "Beast" has always passed, and passed with remarkable results.
Very Good Condition with all controls working and very little "wear and tear". I normally did not carry passengers, and the only other occupant would have been my wife. Also, we had no children or relatives with children, that were transported.
Alpine White. This vehicle was mostly driven in the winter months, and occasionally driven "off-road" as well. In the summer months it was stored indoors, in a temperature and humidity controlled facility. The last 7 years the vehicle was outdoors when not used.
Yes Virginia, "there is corrosion"! Corrosion is typical of a vehicle driven and maintained in a Northeastern, North American climate. When new, at considerable additional cost, the vehicle was treated with "Cladiator 999", both the paint finish and the undercarriage. There was a "Lifetime Guarantee" with this application. However, the Company went bankrupt 8 years after I purchased the vehicle. So much for a "Lifetime Guarantee".
I did no find the OEM provided Michelin X Type 4X4 7.50x16 tires appropriate for our conditions, and immediately installed Michelin 235/85R16 tires. Currently, the vehicle is fitted with a set of Michelin 235/85R16 tires. I also used Hakkapeliita LT 235/85 R16 tires during severe winter conditions. All sets of tires are fitted on Land Rover heavy duty road wheels that are 16 inch diameter and 7.0 inch width, which is as the vehicle was provided.
Original,however, after the vehicle was out of warranty, and its' maximum extended warranty, I had Bilstein Shocks and Bilstein steering damper installed. I also had installed a complete set of Polyurethane bushings. I happen to be a Chemist specializing in Polyurethanes, the choice was obvious. Also, I had a heavy duty sway bar installed at the rear.
Wheel and Tire
At the onset, I had installed Hella Driving Lamps and overhead lamps. Also a BJ Acoustics soundproofing system was installed as well as a heavy duty stainless steel exhaust system.
An original NEW Land Rover Transfer Box was installed in February 2008. It was installed not because it had to be replaced, but rather, because the original was becoming noisy, and, I elected to change the box as a precaution only. Afterwards, I was told that that it was not necessary to replace, nevertheless, I do not regret that decision to replace it prior to any un-foreseen problems which may have occurred.
Apologies - not my photo. Did not realize the necessity of a photo in order to initially file in this registry. I did not wish to deceive anyone.



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