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General Information

Land Rover
Defender 90 2.5 N/A RHD
Nato Green
Awaiting the full military service history, which I'll share when I receive. I believe Andy was imported to the US in Oct 2017. This is pretty much a stock MoD 90, that's been sympathetically restored and looks pretty much as it would on delivery. I'm somewhat mechanically inclined and did the whole restoration gig 25 years ago with a tired '84 90, so I've decided to skip it this time and just do the fun bits. I'll mark her up appropriately when I get the history report and I have a few bits and pieces to do:

Install Wolf rear benches
Mil license plates (repro)
Fit a Clansman recce package based on the PRC-320
Source/install pioneer tools package
Add military towing electrics
Mil rifle rack for my UB60 L1A1 :-)
Add a mil waterproofing kit and snorkel

Planning on maybe showing this at a few shows over the summer. The Wolf rims, and Wolf seats are not, obviously original to this age 90, but I'm giving myself a pass on that!
1992 Land Rover Defender 90 2.5 N/A RHD (Nato Green)


Wheel and Tire
Also thought I'd share some images from my younger slimmer days bombing around in the Series 3! Served in 'D'Sqn, Royal Wessex Yeomanry, which was assigned to UKLF Home Defence Recce. Parent unit was 3 RTR and we used Series 3 109's, Defender 110's and 90's fitted with the PRC 320.

The third picture of the wreck is the aftermath of a collision with a Chieftain MBT! Our regt. had two French exchange officers on exercise with us and I was tasked to take them for fish and chips. Coming back on a public road on Salisbury Plain between Larkhill and Westdown Camp a Chiefton on a NITEX battoned down cut across the road (not on a marked tank crossing) going full tilt, right in front of us. The smashed windshield was caused by my head, luckily in a helmet!



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