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Land Rover
Defender 90
Bare Bones
Former Hong Kong Garrison LHD General Purpose Hard Top Defender. LHD, but not NAS, which is a bit weird, I assume this was done on Ex-MoDs to allow for ease of part swapping.

Truck left Hong Kong around 2011-2013 and landed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Imported to Canada by a super nice guy, who didn't have the tools or inclination to work on it himself. I suspect this is one of the reasons he chose to sell. The lack of TLC on these trucks really shows...and can be extremely labor intensive to rectify. However, it looks like he did replace the fuel injection pump, the speedometer, added the glass sliding windows to the canopy for better visibility, replaced the windshield, and he added some floor coverings.

Purchased off of ebay by me in 2015 originally, had to wait one year to get an EPA import exemption.

Seller claimed it had approximately 78,000 Km (48,500 miles) on the odometer before it broke, unfortunately, I have no proof of this, but I believe it since most of the repairs I have been doing relate almost exclusively to rotten rubber and consumable replacements; indicative of the vehicle simply sitting outdoors for many years.

Imported to the U.S. via the Peace Arch border crossing in Washington State in July of 2016. Titled in Texas in September/October.
1991 Land Rover Defender 90 (Green)


2.5NA Diesel. All I need for what I intend to use it for.
Bare bones...what can I say?
I'm currently going through the entire truck bumper to bumper as part of a full mechanical restoration. I have no intention of doing any aesthetic related restoration; I just want this thing to be as reliable as it is ugly!
NATO spec, new as of October, 2016.
Wheel and Tire
Almost the entire mechanical restoration work consists of replacing rotten rubber, rotten nylon/plastic bushings, and minor surface rust removal. Which is a far greater PITA than one might think. Imagine having to do the 5k, 15k, 36k, 50k, 75k, 100k, 125k, and 150k services all in one shot!!!



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