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  • Cyril90 ·
    Aloha & Greetings - I'm placing a sizeable order with Rovers North soon and I saw an old thread saying you were a great POC over there and sometimes are able to offer a discount. Any help you might be wiling to lend would be greatly appreciated. Hope you are well, and thanks!
    Greenbull ·
    Hey Zach,

    I'm pretty sure you shot me out the wtr pump gaskets and the "P"gaskets, as I have Beagle boy breathing down my neck, but did you see my request for a D90 source price on big ticket item LR3 headlight unit? It is the xeon adaptive, XBC500452. Also need some blue silicon hoses for 300 tdi?

    Boppie ·
    Hello Zack,
    I am a friend of Cutter in RI and he mentioned that he spoke with you on a order that he was placing. I am the guy that will be driving up to you with my old Transmission from the Series III for the Case charge return. I am hoping to get the truck in the next few days and planning on driving up. Are you open on Saturdays? If not I will plan a trip for next week. Also I am looking for 16" rims I hear that you have Italian ones. What are these costing these days. Looking forward in driving up to VT from CT
    e55komp ·
    Hi Zach, I hear your the person to talk to when making a Rovers North order. ive got RNA3896 ,
    EXT015-TC, PLF322,PLN287 in my cart, There was some kind of shipping coupon code as a rumour. Any help I could get would be very very appreciated, thanks again. Mike
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