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  • skota ·
    Hi Doug,

    I had created a post looking for advice on where to go to get everything I need to swap my 19J to a 200tdi or 300tdi and your name came up as someone who might have what I'm looking for and is a great source for information. So Im wondering if you have an engine available and all the other parts I would need to do the swap ? Thank you,

    johnnyg15 ·
    HI Doug, I am moving to the UK and wanted to see how much it costs to exporting my 1997 NAS D90 to London. Could you PM me and we can talk? If you don't do exports can you recommend someone to me? Thanks, John
    Mall Ninja ·
    Hi Doug, Based on what I've been reading, it appears you're the man to go to in regards to importing Defenders! I was hoping you may be able to assist me in importing a Defender from Kent, UK to the states. My number is . I look forward to visiting with you.
    Last One ·
    hi doug i'm looking to do a engine swap on my 87 110 5 door its a 2.5 td 19J with an lt77 and 230 1.410 transfer case. i bought 300 tdi and have been talking to Ashcroft about an r380 with the some ne gers i thinks its the 1.2 wondering if youre interested in doing the swap and what you might charge for this. I'm in LA and in no particulater hurry thanks
    johnnybedge ·
    Hey Doug, I was referred to you by others in this forum. I have a friend in the UK who would like to send me a Defender. He hastily rolled it on a boat yesterday and now I'm scrambling to make sure I will have all the required paperwork. It's a 1988 110 TDI, all original parts with matching VINS. Im not worried about the vehicle as much the paperwork. I got a call today about needing to file an ISF form. That seems to be my next step, and then Im thinking I will need a broker to collect the vehicle since I cant be at the port, then have it shipped over land the rest of the way. What advise could you give me/what services do you offer?
    JerseyDefender ·
    I am new to the forum and have seen that many people on here respect your opinion. I am looking into getting a 110. I had a 97 D90 from 98-2002 and regret selling it. I want to get a fully restored 110. There are many people/companies that say they do this. I have seen that the prices for them have gone off the rails. I love the look of the Arkonik and The Landrovers vehicles. I have read all kinds of stuff about both companies. I visited Safari last week. They seem to be honest. My dream would be to own a 110 with an LS and Auto but it looks like that is $150k and up. I am looking into buying a used Arkonik and doing some modifications on it. What do you think of this idea. I can spend up to $90k all in but would love not to have to spend that kind of money. Please let me know your thoughts.
    Thank You
    CMSgt Bo ·
    Hey Doug,

    If you didn't get my email reply yes, I'd like to be included on your 2017 Portsmouth Island newsletter.

    I have a favor to ask, can I have my diesel mechanic call you either tomorrow or next week? My head gasket was leaking coolant into cylinder number 3, which in turn smoked my turbo bearings and seals. He changed my head gasket, intake gasket, glow plugs, and installed an upgraded VNT turbo from Randy (TdiGuy). I went to pick it up today and it vibrates like it's jumped time from idle on up to 3K RPMs, smokes like a chimney, and has the power of a 36 hp VW Kafer running on only one bank. Additionally the new Robert Davis 3.1 kwa starter has trouble getting the engine moving. He thinks there may either be an intake leak or a misadjusted valve. He's a pretty experienced heavy diesel mechanic but he has no experience with this motor and my faith is faltering.

    Thanks Brother!

    Brad "Bo" Bokkean
    Cyril90 ·
    Doug - I see your name recommended all over these threads requesting import help. Can I humbly take advantage of your expertise? I see you posted an email below and I'll write you my story via that address. In the event that address is not longer valid, I would certainly appreciate some insights getting a direct import Defender registered/titled. Many thanks!
    Uncle Douglas ·
    In order to get customs to treat it as a vehicle it has to be a vehicle. No drive train equals parts. The law is clear as it is written. If you were to buy whatever engine is supposed to be in the truck and simply set it in the back then the truck would be treated as a vehicle on entry.
    Edmond ·
    Uncle Douglas,

    Hello Sir, My name is edmond. A friend in this forum advised me to ask you. I am new member.

    I am considering to import a 1988 defender 110 that has no engine and transmission. all the numbers match except no engine/transmission.

    Could I be able to import this defender and install a certified engine and transmission and have it legally registered to be driven on the streets? Or will the customs say , this is Parts car?
    hate this car go for parts, no disrespect but my intention is to drive the defender, we need more of this beauty on the roads.
    You think the customs or the dmv will allow me to drive the defender?
    Could i get an email or a telephone number i can reach you at, i would really appreciate it, in case i have important question to ask. I hate to bother you , but any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Best Regards
    Arlo ·
    Hi Doug,

    what happened to your thread about shipping two LRs over the pond?

    Btw. is there any legal way to sell my Sankey trailer ( this one with the mounted trailer tent on top) inside the US when I will join the US in about 4 years?
    You'll know it's a 1968 one but lightly redisigned.

    ps: I hope you will find the time, some time respond me to my offer about becomming employed at your company?
    flatbar ·
    Good Morning- I was looking at Johan red 3 door defender and the AD mentioned you as a resource for shipping the defender to the East Coast US- I am located in Western Mass- What is the average cost on shipping defenders over including all the customs and your service costs/ Thanks Charles 413-559-9660
    PalmPaddleboards ·
    Hey Doug!

    Have a question for you. I bought a truck about two years ago that is in Turkey. Later found out my friend totally neglected to check the vin. Turns out it is a kit car. Is there anyway to import it as a parts title? Or something like that? And is that something you would/could handle for me?

    Thanks for your time,

    David Rose
    abilioreis ·
    Uncle Douglas,
    It was great meeting you on Sunday. Thank you for the Defender lesson.
    I am thinking about purchasing Johan's brown 110. It needs a bit of work on the AC. Do you know anyone locally that could work on it?
    Landspeed ·
    I really like your tuning information about the Tdi tuning. I had my local shop rebuild my motor - a crank bearing broke. After they rebuilt the motor it has been smoking like fricken crazy. I have run 8 tanks of fuel through it and it still smokes. My shop keeps telling me its normal after a re-build. They are telling me it should smoke for about 10,000 miles. C'mon that is crazy right?
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