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  • KGH ·

    Former MIL, now contractor. Coming to Stuttgart for a gig at EUCOM. Previously did 5 years with SOCOM and NATO SOF.
    I had a build go south here in the US, but am looking forward to getting a 110 in Europe.

    Mike_D90 ·
    Hi Jim,
    I'm Mike, from Connecticut - i have a 1987 D90 that i'm planning to get painted. I heard through some people here that you got your 110 painted in West Point, upstate NY? Do you remember the place, and recommend it?
    I got a quote for $6,000 for the D90 and it sounds a bit high.

    Thanks for the help!!!
    JimC ·
    You can use the code to buy paint from a number of suppliers, I like DuPont ChromaOne, but I don't know if it's available in your area. Either way, it's a single-stage paint.

    For the front and rear bumpers, I just use satin black powder coat. Most black on your truck isn't paint, but e-coat or some other factory style coating.
    npwmd ·
    Hi Jim

    Trying to figure out the paint codes for the NAS 110? Who makes the LRC456? What about the Black color code for the front and rear bumpers and all the engine bay black on the 110? Who makes the paint? Thanks, Neal
    Jr32257 ·
    hi jim, my name is jc. i just bought a 1995 yellow ST D90. i think i am going to try and convert it to a SW. i read your thread about your conversion, pretty damn cool. do you have any input for me? any concerns? regrets? any information would be greatly appreciated.
    your truck looks great.
    mallrat ·
    Jim, I was given your name by some folks over at expedition portal. I am in the Navy and currently stationed in Spain and will be PCS'ing to Stuttgart in the next 90 days. I am debating whether to buy in Spain, Germany, UK or nearby country in hopes of exporting back to the states in 2018. I appreciate any help you can offer!!
    Paul K ·
    Jim- thank you so much for the Freestyles. Norm dropped them off this past weekend after picking them up from your parents. I really appreciate it!
    ssbartley1 ·
    Jim - I was given your name as a good POC for all things Germany. Im heading to German in October (18th MP Bde), any advice you can lend me on buying a vehicle will be a lot of help. I am bringing a car over (2009 Audi) and leaving my Defender stateside. My intent is to bring a Land Rover or a Mercedes G500 back home to the US.
    BECFA ·
    Good to hear! I am flying all over RC south, ocassionaly into Kabul a few times a month. Keep safe up there... Scott
    JimC ·
    Hey Scott- I'm in Kabul. I had the best job ever building the Ring of Steel and lots of other projects around town, but now I'm a GO's XO. He's a good guy, but I've had my wings clipped! I was down in Kandahar for a quick trip a couple months back - too hot for me! (the weather I mean, I can handle the shooting...)
    BEIS ·
    Jim, where are you in Afghanistan? I just got over here about a week ago. I'm at Camp Marmal, Mazar-i-Sharif in RC-N with ISAF/NATO guys. Let me know and good luck on your deployment!
    JimC ·
    We did get them from him, but I'm pretty sure he'll stand behind them. I haven't heard stories of any of them failing. Either way, they are made by TruckLite and are easy to find on the Rubbolite/Trucklite website. Let me know if you need help. I don't know of another source though - you might have to start calling people in the UK.
    4x4sche ·

    Hello from Seattle. A couple of my LED lights have got water in them. Mike at ECR says he only sells complete kits....where can I get replacements? I thought we got them via him.

    John Reece
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