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  • bradleyt09 ·
    Your glowing description of this truck has peaked my interest. Seriously, I am interested. If it is still available, can you send some pics?
    globallandrovers ·
    Ron, what sort of law do you do? i am become involved wuth a US company and I may need an lawyer, is that something you can handle?
    regds Julian
    Roverlab ·
    Hi! There is a guy on Dweb who says he's starting up a business called RoverLab Fabrication in Moab. Kinda seems like a conflict to me. Any recommendation of what I should do to protect myself? I've worked hard for the name Roverlab but am also concerned about wasting an effort to protect the name with the Cease and Desist orders others are receiving from LRNA.
    Give me a call? 410.227.2523
    evilfij ·
    Jeremy, nice to hear from you again. I should have bought that disco! Too bad you sold before ebay ran its course. The 53 SI is great. My advice is to be upfront about issues (not that you would not be -- only thing I can remember is the odd way the PO mounted the tub) and take lots of pics of rust prone areas (if I recall it was very rust free) and it should sell. BTW I am selling my 83 110 turbo diesel if you are interested. I will give you a great deal on it.



    PS you know my email (evilfij at yahoo), give me a shout,
    1953lr80 ·
    Hi Ron,

    I'm going to put my 1953 Series 1 80" up for sale next week. You saw it when you looked at my 1996 Disco 5-speed (I should have kept that truck) and the 1951 chassis.

    The 1953 is OK, but it can't do the off-roading that I want to use it for. I'm thinking of moving up to a Defender (or more likely a '90' from the mid-80's).

    I'm thinking this forum would be a good place to advertise the 1953. Any words of wisdom for me as I get ready to list it?

    Jeremy Bannister
    West Chester
    Jopadorr ·
    Ron, I might be interested in the front axle parts...I need a set of swivel balls. Please let me know if the front axle is still available. Email me at jopadorr at hotmail dot com- Thanks- J
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