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  • dangerousbreed ·
    yeah. that would be the plan. I'm in brooklyn NYC now. I have family in Bremen and friends in Berlin but thats too far. Yeah, i think the 300tdi swap in is a problem. Though I know Will Hedrick won chuck overby's case....but that was with a 200tdi motor, which maybe makes a difffernce as the 300 is from at least 1994 (under 25 til next year). waiting to get more pics from the guy...
    dangerousbreed ·
    hey Bo
    I'm looking at buying my first Defender....Ive got an old g-wagen but I've always REALLY wanted a D90.... and oddly enough I think it might be the one at Ramstein you said stay away from.....maybe? attaching the link. 1989 blue, with a 300tdi motor in her.

    same one?

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