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16" Sizes -

Extreme Trekker
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Jungle Trekker 2
34 x 10.50 / 16
35 x 10.50 / 16
34 x 11.50 / 16
35 x 11.50 / 16
34 x 12.50 / 16
35 x 12.50 / 16

15" Sizes -

Extreme Trekker
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Jungle Trekker 2
34 x 10.50 / 15
35 x 10.50 / 15
34 x 11.50 / 15
35 x 11.50 / 15
34 x 12.50 / 15
35 x 12.50 / 15

The Jungle Trekker 2, the latest addition to the DMIB stable of 4x4 tyres is a product designed and developed, after exhaustive research and testing, by the Sime Darby Technology Centre. Several tests were also carried out in the Malaysian jungle as well as the arid and semi-desert terrain of the Australian Outback Challenge where the tyre withstood hot, cold and slippery mud conditions without any hitches.

It's unique pattern with two-stage protruding lugs and open U-shaped grooves provides excellent traction and driving stability with self-cleaning properties in soft muddy conditions. The Y-shaped lateral grooves together with the centre tread blocks maximises grip and traction on rocky surfaces. The upper sidewall is reinforced with protective ribs to prevent againt penetration damages. The extended thicker ribs on the sidewall helps it withstand severe scuffing in off-road conditions. It's strong sidewalls allow the tyre to operate at very low pressure for maximum grip and floatation.

In addition to the standard version made with nylon casing and breaker, the Jungle Trekker 2 also comes in the K-Plus version with two layers of aramid breakers to meet the needs of off-roaders who seek the ultimate adventures in torturous terrain and expect the best endurance performance of a tyre.

These two layers of aramid breakers from crown to lower sidewall give ultimate protection to the tyres against penetration and cut. Aramid is a type of material that is used in bullet proof vests ensuring protection and resistance against penetration.

The Jungle Trekker 2 with its tough construction and aggressive tread design made its debut at the Simex Rainforest Challenge '99 and has since then proven its versatility and durability by outperforming the competition in major 4x4 international competitions including the 4x4 Rhino Trophy '99 and ARB Xtreme Winch Challenge held in Australia and the Esso Off-Road Man Challenge '99 in Thailand.

The Simex Jungle Trekker 2 is fast gaining popularity within the 4x4 fraternity locally and overseas and is currently exported to Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asian countries.

Current range of sizes:

35x9.5-15 6pr 35x10.5-15 6pr 35x11.5-15 6pr

35x9.5-16 6pr 35x10.5-16 6pr 35x11.5-16 6pr

32x9.5-15 6pr 32x10.5-16 6pr

32x9.5-16 6pr 32x10.5-15 6pr

These tyres are winning most of the competition circuits in Australia and New Zealand against Swampers, BFGs, Claws etc. They are directional with large side paddles, and need low pressures (6 psi) to bag out which means beadlocks although some people run them with tubes. They are awesome in the mud if there is power to spin them, the side lugs and paddles keep working even if the tread is full up. They fling mud like no other.

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